The Haunting Textures of the Hotel Sax

The Crimson Lounge sits behind some ornate doors in the lobby of the Hotel Sax in Chicago. I was lucky enough to get a private tour of this beautiful and secret place. It would be callously gauche to call this a hotel bar, because it is so much more.

There are about a dozen little rooms, enclaves, and velvet-curtained grottos that make up a textured complex of rooms that are just waiting around for me to lounge in while drinking something with an absurd name.

I collected a variety of other shots from this little gem of a place that I will be sprinkling into the blog over the next few months and years…

Shall we retire to the den for some port?

  • Wow, gorgeous!

    You consider yourself lucky? That’s an understatement, yes? I consider you more than frakkin’ lucky to be able to visit these wonderful places… I know envy is not a virtue, but I would …… (fill in the blanks) to be able to shoot something like this.

  • Fiona Murphy

    There is SUCH a big smile on my face right now!(And not just because I’m relieved that there is at least one shot from here that my big head didn’t walk into, lol).

    Gorgeous and lush. Great job, Trey.

  • Very Luxurious!

  • Fantastic picture, Trey. As much as I don’t like going to big cities, I would love to visit this hotel!!!! What a warm and inviting room. Looks like an enjoyable place to relax and be with friends. Love the colors!!! Maybe I’ll visit my niece that lives in a suburb of Chicago ๐Ÿ˜‰ . You are indeed a lucky fellow to visit all these places, and the rest of us might be a little envious. But we are also happy for you and appreciate your sharing the pictures of all these wonderful places with us!!!! Next best thing to being there is looking at this blog and your descriptions. Thanks so much for posting them for us to look at!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Somehow that place looks like a room in hell. The reds gave me a clue about that… but it was until I saw how strange the ceiling looks that I affirmed the thought.
    The ceiling looks as if it was made of plasma or some strange liquid of some sort.
    Great shot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Facebook User

    Hector- I had a similar reaction (in a good way, if Hell could be thought of that way, lol). I think that, for me, it is because it whispers “indulge in a little decadence. Go on, all the cool kids are doing it…..”

  • hehe thanks… Yes it is a bit hellish in a wonderful way, I suppose! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Very cool! Love the colors.

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey! Looks like a cool place!

  • awesome!

  • Facebook User

    hauntingly beautiful !! once again…a brilliant shot Trey !

  • One word. Wow!

  • I wondered if you arrange this shoot with the hotel or just show up when its opening or empty to use a tripod? I love this stuff but dont often find myself in a postion to take these interior shots.

  • That’s a good question Scott. I get run out of many buildings, not only interiors but exteriors too. So how do you get all these wonderful shoots without the cops showing up?

  • Now this is sexy…roaring twenties kinda stuff…I like it..would love to be having a drink there right now great shot Trey..

  • Thanks all!

    Scott and Dale – I had a friend grant me entrance before they opened… it was very nice!

    Often times, though, I do bust into places and take photos. I keep doing it until the cops or someone tells me to leave. I’ve never been arrested… they usually give a warning first. But if you are fast, then you can get the shots anyway. I find all that annoying… I’m not harming anyone… just making the dang place famous!

  • Gimpat

    Nice shot Trey. Very inspiring.

    I have a few questions: is this HDR? created using Photomatix? Or is this one shot passed thru LucisArt6? Hand-held? Or you used a tripod?

    I discovered a passion I had forgotten and bought myself a new camera, all thanks to your work. Great work on the tutorials too.

  • Thanks Trey. I’ll keep the tips in mind.

  • Thanks

    Gimpat – this is HDR – photomatix – tripod…. ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i like this blog

  • annz0r

    Hotel Sax used to be the House of Blues hotel. The bar inside used to be called Casbar (casbah…) and had a more middle-eastern decor (luxurious couches, pillows/cushions, sort of like a hookah lounge). I work right across the street but I haven’t been inside since the management/name change.

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