Street Scenes from South by Southwest

South by Southwest is a huge music, film, and interactive festival down here in Austin. People from all over the world come here to what has become known as the music capitol of the world. Many streets shut down for all kinds of interesting activity. I went out an evening ago to get some shots of some of the action on the streets to share with you all. I usually don’t do these sorts of shots, but I wanted to mix it up a little so you could see a local slice of life right here in my hometown! πŸ™‚

Street Scenes from South by Southwest

  • Like old school vs. new school or some….

  • C

    Ugh. I don’t like these at all.


    it takes an artistic eye to capture the beauty in scenes like these. mission accomplished on mixing it up a bit.

  • @C: you don’t have to… πŸ˜‰

    Quite different than your regular shots, but hey, you didn’t shoot the regulars, did you?

    I like them.

  • Indibang

    Good to see some real camera stuff ( no painting). I like the first one.

  • Tom Pilotti

    The lady in the first pic seems familliar…maybe an actress or entertainer of some repute?

  • the guy sitting in the background looks like a really awesome subject.

  • Looks like young people(younger than me lol) enjoying the festival. Good business for Austin. Thanks for sharing some “regular” pictures with us taken in your hometown. Nothing wrong with doing something a little different now and then. Great job.

  • Split


    Great page but you should think about pagination. 20 MB is clearly too much to load for one website. takes an hour or so to load on dialup πŸ˜‰

  • Glad you got down there to get some shots. I like them and I love the way the jeans all look. Cool stuff, Trey.

  • Spencer

    Is the background where the Black Cat used to be? I can’t believe they still haven’t rebuilt something there. Makes for interesting photos, though.

    Nice work, Trey.

  • Thanks all!

    Spencer – Yes I think Black Cat used to be there. It’s all torn up now, but it looks kinda neat.

    Marrtha – Thanks – yes plenty of jeans here in Austin!

    Split – Sorry that it loads slow for you. In the data we look at, 2% of people are on dialup – we chose to make the site optimal for high-bandwidth people. Sorry we can’t make it perfect for everyone πŸ™

    Gail – Thanks…yes plenty of young people… I feel old myself while I am down there!

    Scott – Glad you noticed that hehe

    Indibag – cool thanks!

    Patrick – thanks… yes not quite regular I guess

    C – No worries… come back tomorrow for more of the usual fair πŸ™‚

    Buab – me too! πŸ™‚

  • Great candids trey!

  • I am curious how you get such a sharp HDR appearance in these with moving subjects in the scene. I am “assuming” you were not using AEB bracketing.

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