A short meta update concerning the site – 16 Million pic views!

Hey everyone! Now that we have such a thriving little community here of clever commenters and cool people, I wanted to have a little site update day. There are a few interesting things and events that some of you might want to know about.

First, the site is more popular than ever! I thank YOU for telling your family and friends about it. I’m glad you find something unique about it and use it to find out unexpected things about yourself. I am sure that the word of mouth has made it as popular as it is. By every measure, we are now the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet. That’s no small thing! Traffic estimates are always very difficult to gauge, even with advanced tools. Google Analytics, RSS feeds, and the like have us somewhere between 300,000 and 350,000 unique visitors per month. Many of you come every day to see the latest photo, and that gets our total visits up into the millions. There are all kinds of interesting little stats too that you may find boring… like only 2.11% are using dialup…everyone is broadband now. The visitors are worldwide – from Bangladesh to Tibet to Brazil. It’s very nice suddenly having so many friends from around the world — I am honored that you like it here so much.

Second, the site is currently about to be unleashed with a whole new design! I have hired one of the best designers in the world, Fabien Barral, to come up with a new creative theme around the site. Fabien’s work is well known around the world and has a distinctive look. If you’ve ever been in Paris and walked around the streets, you have probably seen posters and art that was created by him. It’s one of those looks that just “feels” very French and different… you absolutely get the impression that you are looking at something special and different when you are seeing his work. For example, big movie companies hire him to make the French versions of posters for movies like Elizabeth. Here is a sample of that, and more of his work… and some more….

Third, there are scent trails all over. I appreciate all the Flickr visitors very much too. This is not a true measure of photo views, and it only registers for the subset of people that visit the Flickr photos. But we are up to over 16 million views there… I put that screenie below, although it is about a month old now.  My emails are also overflowing with 22K unreads… sorry for that! I need some kinda system here! I feel bad for all the nice people that send out such heartfelt emails and I don’t have time to respond… my apologies.

Last, Social Networking Update! I know that many of you use a lot of social networks like me… if you want to keep the digital vapor trail alive, here are the details for you… Speaking of this Facebook Fan Club… I don’t know what to do with that. I know groups now have discussion boards on there in FB, so I suppose people could talk about general stuff instead of having to limit comments to one photo post or another. I’m not sure… like anything, we’ll see where all this stuff goes!

My Intertubes Nine Lives:

Anyway, I hope you like the new site… it’s coming along soon enough (or maybe already here if you are reading this after-the-fact).

16 million views - thank you Flickr guys and gals - you're the best!

  • oh my God

  • aah! awesome!

  • 16 million. Wow. Big congrats Trey. I’m looking forward to the sites new look.

  • Trey,
    Fabien Barral is your graphic designer, wow!! You’ve made the big time. Glad to see your site take off the way it has. You have inspired many. 6 months ago I wouldn’t think of using HDR at all. I mainly shoot for HDR now. I’m glad you have chosen to share you vision and the beauty you see during your travels. Your photos make time stand still for us all. I look forward to seeing your art for many years to come.

    If you ever need anything while your in Dallas look me up.


  • Told you Number #1 somebody give him the keys please … key to the book of life …. good work today Trey – surf’s up….. see ya…

  • This is awesome, Trey. Congrats and I am really excited to see a new look on your site.

  • Super, Trey! Looking forward to the new design.

  • gypman

    I’ve been enjoying your work every day for a month now. I see why your site is so popular. You inspired me to take up HDR, and now I look a every shot from a different perspective. Thanks. Just wish I could view some of the most viewed photos, but they are labled “private – no permission “

  • Indibang

    You are the best!

  • Like I’ve said before….a rock star in the HDR world. A daily visit for me as you know. (If I keep hanging around here Trey, I’m gonna need a chair or something!)

  • What no photo today? 😉

    Fantastic work, your photos are an inspiration to many!

  • Wow, you had as many views *this week* as I’ve had *all time*. That’s just mind boggling to me. A big congratulations to you.

  • hehe thanks all! No… I am no where near the best ! haha… but I’m churning forward here. Thanks for all the feedback…. I think about it all as I produce new works.

  • that is amazing numbers! congrats and I hope to achieve 1 million myself one day!

  • That’s absolutely wonderful, Trey!! Congrats. I’m so glad yahoo offered your site for my home page. I became a loyal viewer and fan right away. Couldn’t find the facebook fan club, I’ll keep looking. I always refer others on my facebook homepage. Hope they are looking. Looking forward to your “new look” whenever it happens. Wow, that’s quite impressive, a famous designer doing it for you. You have earned your success with a lot of hard work. I think you might get some fun time in there too, lol. But that’s great. Being able to do something you have a passion for is a very great blessing!!!! Keep up the good work. And don’t forget to come to the Bitterroot Valley sometime. You can see some examples of what you can see here if you ever get a chance to look at my photos.



  • casusan

    Congratulations Trey! I agree – it always shows when someone does what they love!

  • Nice choice with Fabien, I think he can creat a very cool website design for you. I hope it leans more toward that THIRD link you showed us, because I think your technique and use of modern technologies and all rhelms of social media would warrant a more modern design with toned down textures and smooth lines.

  • Awesome! I’m lucky to get 500 views in a day. You are amazing and your work is stunning! Congrats!

  • Congrats!! I wish I was so lucky! (honest compliment)

  • Congrats man! Your on my bookmark tab bar and I check ya everyday!

  • Deb

    congratulations! you are doing great! thank you for sharing with us all! keep up the good work and i am looking forward to the new look!

  • WOOOHOOOO!!! Firstly, Congrats. Secondly Keep up the good work and i really love your photos. Yea hope to take photos like you someday.

  • interesting

  • Bob the builder

    I have been fortunate to see many of your pictures – I wish I was as good a photographer. I also enjoy the stories and tales which accompany them. I used to have an app from Yahoo that was a link to your daily picture, but it was lost and cannot be found. Does this app/link still exist? Thank you!!

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