Where the rivers start

The Rockies are the source of a few rivers, and here is one of them. I can’t remember the name of it for sure (although I am sure some of my smart readers can), but I am pretty sure this is the Yellowstone (or maybe the Madison?) river, flowing westward out of the park. This part of the river is impossible to see from the road. I had to pull over and then walk over a tiny little hill/mountain to get there. I stayed at the top, listening to my ipod, waiting for the sun to set… It was all quite serene, as you can see! 🙂

Where the rivers start

  • Boowab

    OH MY GOD!

  • The yellow lining of the horizon is awesome… Great picture!

  • can i please shoot with you sometime?! : )

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    FANTASTIC, what a class act you are.

    As patrick says “The yellow lining of the horizon is awesome” and i have to agree 100%.

    your like me too, i like to wait sometimes, and not just start shooting straight away.

    Another winner.

    All the best


  • Very serene. I notice that you listen to music a lot. I hope you keep the volume at a reasonable level. I’d hate to hear you were going deaf. (Sorry, I’m 57 and still have all my hearing, and I tend to worry about younger people who blast music in their ears–or cars!–all the time.)

  • Thanks!

    Evenstar – maybe if I end up in a city near you and I have a spare weekend day or evening… sure 🙂

    Fenraven – I might be losing my hearing – I don’t know… it’s hard to be sure. I do know I have a simply unfathomable amount of wax in my ears. This is always shocking to doctors that look in there.

  • What a great photo, Trey. Sure was worth the wait. You were rewarded for you patience. Just a beautiful sunset. Sometimes the twilight is pink out here, it’s so beautiful. I’m not sure what that river is. I would have to look on the map, lol. Now ask me about the Bitterroot or the Clark Fork, those I see all the time. Some beautiful creeks, streams, rivlets, as well as the big rivers out here. And then there are the many, many falls. Spectacular. You can’t go very far in Montana without finding a beautiful nature picture!!!! “This is a free ad for our state”, lol.

  • casusan

    So beautiful Trey!

  • Great photo Trey!!

  • This is the Madison river just inside the western entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

  • Luke Reeves

    I just saw a Panasonic Toughbook commercial that looked like it used an HDR effect in its filming. You seen that?

  • If this is what you mean by “I’ll do my best to keep fresh images for you.”

    Please keep the amazing photos coming!!

  • Facebook User

    Once again sharing great moments at all ends of the globe!

  • Hi,

    I have posted a few times in the past and have said how much I love your work. Your site is on my Google reader so I visit it every time you post. Today I was shocked at this photo. Not because it is not a great shot and another great example of your technique but because it disturbed me and made me think. The yellow along the horizon for me draws my eye right to it and I cannot seem to see anything else. This is simply a personal artistic response. When I read the comments I realized that art is very subjective. Some love a shot while others hate it. We struggle with this during our photo competitions in the camera club. Sometimes a shot scores high for no apparent reason and others score low when technically they are perfect. Go figure.



  • This is absolutely stunning… the colours are crazy awesome. I can see where MA is coming from in objecting to the yellow line, though.

    Also – one thing that always bothered me when doing HDR was that it seems to make aberration so much worse. As I get the thin-tree-branches-in-front-of-bright-sky theme (like the one about dead centre in your picture) rather often in my shots, this is quite obviously a nuisance. So I was wondering if you have any tricks you use to evade the dreaded purple fringing and CA.

    (ps. the css seems to be a total mess on the new Safari, but other than that, the new site design is pretty cool 😉

  • casusan

    Love the new site design!

  • DJ Ox

    Simply beautiful! Again!!!

    Yes, new Safari is hosing up your new site bad. Firefox worked better.

  • Wow the site changed!! You didn’t have to change the site because I used the bleeding cowboy font in my graphic, did you? LOL!

    The new site layout looks fantastic!!

  • This is STUNNING!

    Also, I love the redesign =)

  • From the ripples in the water, it looks like it was making some noise upstream and as it was passing by…I wish I could hear what it sounded like. Not real breathtaking scenery, but it’s beautiful. Thanks again!

    p.s. I like the “old” page lay-out/setup better.

  • Indibang

    Simply Amazing! The color of river from blue to yellow gives a stunning effect.

  • Sorry to say that the new site design isn’t working for me on IE or Firefox–though IE is better, at least I can read your blog entry. Disappointing as I love to view your photos. The Angkor shot was especially captivating.

    Thanks for sharing your work.

  • Love the new layout!!!

  • Thanks all…

    Ignore that brief site interruption – it was not ready to go live yet. I’ll get it fixed up soon.

  • Ed

    This should be made into a postcard for Montana.

  • Great image… no words to describe it, congrats.

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