Salsa in Houston

After a few long days with lawyers, I was invited out to go dancing with one of ours. He’s a great guy and, as much as I like to tease lawyers as members of an impenetrable sovereign nation (they have their own superset of rules, their own imports and exports, they live among us, yet exist within a patina of independence), I do like being with them for the intellectual stimulation. From these photos, it’s hard to get any sense of intellectualism, although that’s not really the point. I suppose the counterpoint is the point in this case.

My attorney here is Chanler, the only guy consistently in all the photos! And in the end, I put up a sunset photo of Houston. That’s about the prettiest you’ll ever see Houston.

Salsa Dancing in Houston

Houston and Salsa-2817-March 12, 2009

Houston and Salsa-2776-March 11, 2009

Houston and Salsa-2822-March 12, 2009

Houston and Salsa-2840-March 12, 2009

Houston and Salsa-2863-March 12, 2009

Houston at Sunset

  • Wow. He’s making the rounds with all the ladies. I work at a lawfirm, and can understand were you’re coming from with this blog.

    Great sunset of Houston by the way.

  • Looks like some fun in the top shots, and wow a great view and view, lol, in the skyline shot. Just about none of the links on FB worked for me. Not sure, friends of friends not on, or something. When I want *everyone* to see a shot I use flickr… :p

    uh oh, you’ve changed to FB-connect comments.. hmm..

  • casusan

    Wonderful Trey – a slice of your life….and his!

  • hee hee hee … I love the one of the girl with her hair straight up in the air! Yeah – I grew up in Houston. I don’t think I ever saw any sight that pretty (the sunset pic) in my many many (too long) years in Houston.

  • Facebook User said earlier…not way around it when you come to LA…La Style salsa something for the eye…and don’t forget your camera…you will have fun…sooo many crazy moves, dips, flips and feed moving soooo fast…to fast to follow sometimes…

    Ciao, Zana

  • Thanks all!

    Nikographer – yes you are right – the links are wonky

  • Wow, to have such energy. Looks like your friend is really enjoying life!! Love the sunset pic!! We don’t go to big cities unless we have to, but they can be a wonder to behold!

  • Paige

    Houston is a city that is difficult to appreciate as an outsider, because it does have a lot of gems, but generally they’re hidden, and the nature of the city is that it isn’t very in-your-face, despite being so huge. I don’t think it’s ugly at all; in fact, there are tons of great, beautiful photos to be taken in Houston, if you look hard enough. Go to some of the side-streets off of Montrose, or the historic homes in the Heights. I think it’s one of the most underrated cities in the nation due exactly to the fact that so many people have preconceived notions of it as nothing more than oil, pollution, and Halliburton and I wish they would realize that it really isn’t as ugly a city as it’s made out to be, that it has a certain charm, and the people are really warm and interesting. But aside from all that ranting – great pictures, as always 🙂

  • Awesome sunset on Houston. The lawyer looks like Levar Burton!?!

  • Kenneth

    Amazing! How can you shoot HDR for action photographs, especially in low light situations like the ones above?

  • what are you doing with lawyers?

  • John

    Yes, that picture of Houston is about the best picture Trey will ever take.

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