The ruins of Angkor from across the moat

Angkor Wat was really more of a fortress than it was a temple.

There is a massive moat that encircles the complex.  I can only imagine how long it took peasants to dig a thousand years ago.  I also wonder how they all drank fresh water back then.  I know I couldn’t go more than 10 minutes walking around the area without needing a drink.  The massive heat, humidity, and standing water was a perfect recipe for cavalcade of bacteria to rise up and fight back.  I don’t suppose they all boiled their water.  Maybe everyone was just more hardy back then…  Luckily, when I was there, there were plenty of little children running around selling me bottled water.  Which, upon further reflection, I probably should not have drank.

The ruins of Angkor from across the moat

  • Wow, nice framing! Impressive.

  • The stuff with the trees is neat, almost infrared. Neat.

  • I like the colour treatment and tone! very nice and I’ve never seen a location like that =]

  • Gret photo Trey. I hope to go to Angkor Wat someday.

  • Wonderful picture, Trey. I can just picture the workers building this fortress from you discription, great job. And I was listening to Yanni on CBS Saturday morning show while looking at this, quite appropriate!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • the color treatment make it really very interesting!

  • casusan

    Wonderful Trey – and yes, I agree about the water!

  • Indibang

    Yes, you can not trust that bottled water! I like your selection of sephia tone for the picture.


    PRETTY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love the composition! Simply stunning.

  • Thanks everyone! 🙂

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