The Guardian of the Ancients

I found this daunting chap while trekking to northern India. We stopped to rest on the long road to Agra at a fairly imposing little structure on the side of the road. I was curious to see if I could find a drink or maybe a bit of food.

As I approached, this guy stood out front. I was pretty sure he didn’t speak English. We regarded one another for a bit. I tried to survey the authenticity of his weapon and the his circumspect agility. He examined at my anachronistic garb and camera for a bit. Then I gave him the international symbol for, "Can I take a photo?" He stiffened proudly in a pose. I took a quick shot, nodded, then passed by to see what he was guarding within.

A Guardian on the way to Agra

  • reat photo Trey!

  • Can’t type… Great photo Trey!

  • Superb picture! There is so much sharpness and depth in this one. Color great too.

  • Great portret. He would be proud! 😉

  • Interested to know what he was guarding within with such a big weapon, but I suppose I’ll have to wait another day for those photos. great work Trey.

  • Love the hands!! Great work Trey!

  • I love to take your photos and look at them at original size or even larger and pick out details I can’t or don’t see at first look, like the tape on his scabbard (if they are called that), the button that’s popped off right above his belt, and the Roman numeral IX on that shiny belt buckle. Can’t quite make out the words on the buckle though. Great.

  • What’s the universal sign for asking permission to take a photo? Every time I hear/read the word Agra, I remember a book I read many times as a child: The Road to Agra. As far as I recall, it was a blind boy who traveled to that city with his faithful dog, in order to get an operation that would help him see again. I wonder what ever happened to that book?

  • Thanks all!

    Larry I see you like to see the details like me… should be even better with the new D3X! 🙂

    Fen – hehe… it’s a slight raise of the camera, aimed at the subject, with raised eyebrows.

  • I had a photography teacher tell me a few months back that since he’s gone digital he finds himself making a lot fewer photos in portrait mode versus landscape mode, and he did not really know why. I have a theory that it’s because with prints, you can turn it whichever way and it doesn’t change the size of the image, but with most computer monitors, portrait mode is considerably smaller, harder to see, and “wastes” a lot of real estate on the monitor. This one, while I love it, is too tall, even at the normal viewing on the web page, to fit vertically on the monitor. I have to scroll up and down to see the whole photo. Could be my theory is full of hooey too.

  • Great photo again…India is a colors!!! Love all of them… On this particular case I think the subject will not be able to see this creation himself and more importantly the comments that everyone else is making…

  • Wow, great detail. HDR really seems to bring out the best in an image. I lke the photo layout as well. Nice portrait

  • Hi Trey!!

    It’s pictures like this that bring me back every day to your blog. I always feel more connected with the greater world and community of people that span this amazing planet.

    Thanks for doing what you do!!!


  • hehe thanks all – glad you keep coming back every day Sunshine! I’ll do my best to keep fresh images for you 🙂

  • Awesome shot! Beautiful detail and color tones! What is the international symbol for “can I take a picture”?

  • Stephen Zacharias

    Oh shoot. Totally forgot you had a link to Flickr where we could look at them at other sizes. Good reminder thanks to Larry and Trey’s comments.

  • Right -yes stephen – feel free to get the large one any time

    Michael – I kinda described in an above comment …. kinda!

  • That’s a fabulous shot! So what was he guarding? I am curious. I used to live in Agra for a few years so I am very familiar with the drive.
    I’d love to see where this photo was taken.

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