Inside the Train Station

I think, as Americans, we are over-the-top interested in European train stations. I really enjoy them. I don’t know why… they just seem like really interesting places to be. This is part of the train station in Leipzig — the part after you get off the train and go into the shopping area.

Curiously, if you look at the large or original size, you can see taxi cabs driving through the inside of the mall. I do not have a full explanation for this.

Inside the Train Station

  • Facebook User

    Great capture. I’ve been in this station as well. Amazing place!

  • Tom

    Hi Trey, great shot, as usual. Here in Europe, we really have a strong relationship with trains. Most cities are well connected to the grid, stimulating its usage for commuting to work. If you really like those grand stations, you should visit our Antwerp Central Station in Belgium πŸ™‚

    ps: It’s Leipzig, not Leipzing

  • Just as great, as the other view of the station, that you posted earlyer.
    About the cabs. As we were there last summer there was a huge event called games convention at the trade fair, and at the same spot, cars from various exhibitors were parked to take the VIP guests from the station to the exibition. Maybe this was something similar.

  • Trevor Driscoll

    Its fun to see a shot with lots of people, I feel as if you usually avoid those. Also the cabs are wild.

  • Just beautiful!

  • Very nice shot – I really like when I can see an entire scene like this. Was this shot with sigma 10-20mm? Taxi cabs in the mall… for the true shopaholic lifestyle. Actually, I would expect limousines…

  • Trains are romantic, as are the stations. People coming and going, lots of activity, a great place for people watching. I wish our country would invest in trains again, not only to move freight, but also to move people. We’d be a lot better off.

  • Great Shot Trey. European train stations are the best!!!!!

  • Very nice capture! You’re my photographic hero.

  • Jim Nix

    Trey, nice shot. I think we like European train stations so much b/c it feeds our wanderlust and the whole idea of just hopping on a train and going somewhere. I had several experiences where I literally called an audible and just hopped on a train without any prior plans. Ah, what fun.

  • very nice shot πŸ™‚
    I like this train station, because of the shopping and dinner posibilities.
    only want to say, that the town is called “Leipzig” not Leipzing.



  • Hey thanks everyone — sorry about that typo Miraceworld and Tom.

    Jim – I have done that too – fun! πŸ™‚

    Scott – yes I shot it with that 10-20mm πŸ™‚

  • Richard Smith

    Hehe, I’ve been to this station and it’s a fantastic building, and well worth a photograph, particularly when edited as well as this.

    Germany has some fantastic stations, so does the UK for that matter. I suggest you check out St Pancras if you’re ever in the UK. Kings Cross, Liverpool Street and Paddington aren’t bad either. =)

    Keep up the unbelievably great work!

  • My Β£.02 of social/industrial history:

    Back in the mid- to late 19th century, train transportation was the ‘new’ communication paradigm. Apart from the fact that a huge amount of money was in it, a great deal of the innovations of the time were somehow tied up with it (for one, the modern corporation as we know it was invented to make the running of a railroad network feasible in terms of organisation). And of course it bore immense symbolic value to an age that wholeheartedly believed in progress through reason: a train is, in a way, a piece of metal that makes progress through the application of reason to the practical problem of getting from A to B (unlike, famously, horses). Which incidentally is why I think that all the train stuff in Atlas Shrugged is so incredibly cool…

    Anyway, I digress. Train companies had huge amounts of private capital even in places where public works were generally second-rate, due to lack of public funds. Example in point: most of the Austro-Hungarian empire. You’ll see places at the end of nowhere that have stations which (1) were built to state-of-the-art standards at the time, (2) still stand, most of them having survived the ravages of Communism, (3) are beautiful even in a slightly dilapidated state. These train stations were built for the ages. In many ways, they were closer to ancient Greek temples than to functional modern buildings, or at least there was at least as much symbol as substance in them.

    Leipzig is all the more a case in point as it is Europe’s largest terminal still. Incidentally, it was also the scene of the first attempt at a popular uprising against the Communists in the Eastern Bloc, in 1953.

    Beyond that, the usual applies (i.e. great photo).

  • I have been following your site for months. I am trying to learn HDR and I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Photomatrix Pro. I shoot with a Pentax that has a HDR shooting mode. I usually shoot five exposures. One at proper exposure, 2 above at 1 stop each and 2 below at 1 stop each. However, I can not get that poster type look that your pictures have. I have a question. I heard that a raw image has up to 10 f-stops range. If that is so then could I take a raw image and brackit it up and down to create my five images before submitting it to Photomatrix Pro? The reason I ask is I see HDR with people in it. But when I try HDR with people they move between frames. Love your work and will continue to strive to accomplish my first shot that has the look you have created. Thanks for your help and your great web site.

  • Chris – thanks for the good info – I always enjoy invocation of the great Atlas Shrugged. I heard the book has now gotten into the top 100 because of recent events…

    Richard – thank you! πŸ™‚

    Michael – yes – all those questions you can actually answer on your own through practice. I hint at many of them in my tutorial — some things I think are certainly best explored on your own. I still think multiple photos is better than a raw, if you get the chance. Don’t worry about the movement – just mask in the one frame you like (as in the tutorial).

  • Great Photo Trey, That is somethign with that cab driving through. In the US it would be likd seeing a cab drive through a shopping mall!

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  • Tom

    hey, I live in Leipzig and I love the whole town especially the train station. thanks for the great shot of my home… πŸ˜‰

  • Mr. Burns

    Wow, great shot, Leipzig Hbf is one of the most beautiful train stations we have in Germany. Many of them however are hideous as crap – try making an HDR image of Munich Hbf (a 1950s architectural nightmare molded in concrete) and have a barf bag handy… πŸ™‚

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