The Point for Artists

Isn’t this just the perfect kind of place to take this sort of photo? I say it is! I almost don’t even know what to say about this place, and anything I say about it would only take away from it!

The only interesting thing about this is that I was in a tremendous hurry to take this shot and get to another destination. I think I had literally 45 seconds to take the shot. I prepared for it… got all the camera settings right, ran into what I felt was the perfect spot, ripped off some shots, then got right back on the road. Afterward, naturally, I was happy to see that everything worked out as expected.

The Point for Artists

  • It might be because of the extreme differences in focus spots but everything seems a little bit fuzzy / furry to me? Maybe it’s because the leaves were moving a bit between shots. I love the colors and the waterfall though!

  • paige

    this doesnt look real…it looks like a picture in a fairytale book….amazing!! :)p

  • KJ

    what a snap! i guess you were on the move?

    the HDR is a bit overdone though but hey, each to their own!

  • i agree with miles–looks soft. =| was that intentional?

  • I dont know Trey, I have to say this one looks a little too soft for me. I usually like your landscapes, but not this one.

  • All those people above me can get a refund but i like it. Its nice to see some green in the middle of winter.

  • I love this one Trey, it’s got a nice 1970’s painterly feel to it.

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    I’m with Zak and Dod on this one, love it too, although as Miles and the other’s pointed out, i think their was some movement in the taking of these images, as you explained in your intro, Rushed shot.
    Nice composition and colors all the same.

    All the best


  • It really looks like some painting, not photo. Superb.

  • Actually, I was wondering about the white blob in the middle by the waterfall. Looks more like a hiccup than snow. What is that?

  • Thanks all – good feedback. Yes this one is softer — the technique I used was a little different. I’m not dissatisfied with it.. it has a nice feel still to me.

    Larry- that white blob is the spray from the waterfall… across the frames it just came out snow-white.

  • I think it’s a great shot, Trey. Looks very natural, as if I were standing right there. Reminds me of the falls at Yellowstone, just not as huge. For a hurried photo, I like it!!! Do I see signs of a prior fire far in the background. You get used to looking at that out here. Very cold here in Montana right now, but the sun is shining brightly!! Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing all of your pictures with us that you do!!!!!

  • I kept thinking it was the Tower Falls at Yellowstone, too, and then realized that the rock formations on both sides were missing.

    Lovely picture. Except for the blob….



  • Great photo Trey. I’d photoshop the “blob” though.

  • Jeff

    Trey actually I like the feeling in this it gives the depth that is the distance and makes you feel apart of the scene. It maybe rushed and hurried for you but I feel it is a good shot all the same. The blob makes it kind interesting too, you do feel like it could be snow in it yet not.

    As always a joy to see through your eyes what so many don’t have the chance to visit! Soft or not it is very nice to have you share with us all.


  • Thanks all – Gail yes – there was a big fire in that area in 88 I think!

  • This picture captures the awesome beauty of nature. I didn’t know there was this much space without a billboard, stop-sign, etc…Wish I was there.

  • elena

    I am – quite simply – enchanted with this photo.

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