Downtown Boston from my Hotel Room

Usually, I like to sneak up to the roof of buildings to get the best shots.  But, every now and then, my best plans are foiled by locked doors and surly security guards.  My charms fail at some point, and I am stuck shooting out of my hotel room window. The only advantage is that I don’t have to freeze in 10 degree howling wind while waiting for the light to hit its apogee of beauty.

This was just about the prettiest part of the day, especially since I had to spend the rest of it staring at morose lawyers.

Downtown Boston from my Hotel Room

  • u r amazing…

  • In this case, the surly security guards did you a favor. The reflection off the window looks great!

  • Facebook User

    Yeah, this is one I’ve always been wondering about: how do you get HDR shots that involve the sun(or any other bright sources of light) right? Quite apart from as many lens flares as exposures, I always get the sun – and with that half the picture – blown out. Over time I’ve literally tried at least a hundred shots involving the sun and I hardly ever got one right.

  • Whoa, this fb connect thing is weird! Anyway, last comment was me.

  • Gret shot Trey.

    I love to take window shots. Here’s one of my new ones if you want to take a look

  • awesome shot! I used to wash windows, there’s nothing like a reflection off clean glass 😉

  • Chris – I am working on the FB user thing – I’ll get it cleaned up soon! 🙂 Shooting into the sun is usually 5 exposures to me…

    and thanks everyone! 🙂

  • Lindsay

    That is absolutely amazing!

  • Neat picture, Trey.
    I love the way you captured the sky and the buildings just at the right moment. Glad you didn’t go out on that roof, brrrrrr!!

  • Wow! Amazing colors and view!

  • Great one, love the snow on the top of the buildings.

  • i always love your photos. my son has been reading your page and trying to figure out your method in taking these photos. he really wants to be able to do something similar. thanks for your inspiration. your blog is wonderful!

  • DEE

    Uptown or downtown. A great shot.

  • Not quite the view I had when I was there last summer. I stayed in the Back Bay area, which was certainly nice in it’s own right. Quite overcast those few days though, not much sun.

  • I wanted to do this in las vegas but the window in my room in ballys was so dirty!!!! it had a nice view of the pseudo-eiffel tower too! dirtiest window ever! Did you have a polarizer?

    totally inspiring me with my photography!

  • Jimmy Cintron

    Great sun colors, I’ve tried a lot sun shots but never get that yellow color. Always get the orange color from the sun. How do you do it ? Thank you for your art , it is very inspiring.

  • Just commented on the ” Downtown Boston ” photo and would like to know how to get the sun look that yellow instead of orange. If anyone knows how too, please can you share your knowledge with me. Thank you.

  • Excellent!

  • There are two suns! ^^ One in the middle and another on the right side. Nice picture although XD.

  • Oh, sorry, ment left side, of course 😀

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