Borobudur in Poetry

One thing we always ask for, as part of the deal, is for the companies to send us a copy of the final product. So we get several of these kinds of things a week, and it is always cool! I get excited and giddy to see my work used in creative ways across many mediums. Here is one we recently got of a poetry book that used on of my Indonesian pics on the cover. I put the orig below, along with a few other shots from that temple.

I end up throwing all of this stuff into these giant boxes in my office. I don’t know what I will do with them! They just kinda pile up… I should have a giveaway some day! 🙂

Borobudur Book

Buddha in the Jungle Highlands

The Hidden Buddhist Temple of Borobudur at Sunrise

The Dark Temple Corridor in Morning Mist at 4 AM

  • That is really quite awesome. Good to know that you still get stuff even in this economy. Keep up you amazing work!

  • You are quite and inspiration and should be quite proud of yourself (I am pretty sure, in a humble way, you are)

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    Good to see how your images are used commercially.
    Would love to see a few more examples of how your images are used by different companies.

    All the best


  • Trey, I have to say you’re inspiring! I had no clue you were represented by Getty. I had recently been wondering about an income from this type of work and how I myself could one day afford a d3x or it’s equivalent in the future. I think the key is to have it in the back of the mind, but do what you love by shooting and eventually your path and the path of abundance cross.

    I totally want to see the world more than ever because of your site.

  • Thanks – well I have been lucky in many ways! I was thinking about putting up a bunch of pics of my work in various formats (in airports, billboards, magazines, books, ads, etc)… but at some point, I just feel kinda strange doing it. I will do things like this on occasion, where I feel like it was used in a particularly artsy way!

  • You should do a giveaway, you’re right! I love your Borobudur photos – I grew up in Indonesia and visiting Borobudur was sort of like visiting DC for an American kid.

  • Good stuff Trey. Nice to see your photography being used all over the world…. and yes, a give away would be fabulous!

  • casusan

    This is so cool! Way to go Trey!

  • Cool stuff Trey.

  • This is great as always. Borobudur is about 90mins flight from here (Jakarta) makes me want to take photos there. Btw, there is still a campaign in progress to make Borobudur included in UN World Heritage program, I hope your pictures help this campaign 🙂

  • Jacques (fotofreq on flickr)

    Hey Bisma. I am also in Jakarta. Small world. I’ll be heading to Borobudur and Bali with family soon (April) and hope to a have a bit of time to shoot a bit in those to capture some memories I can reflect on with my family years later. Ciao.

  • Cindy Hopkins

    I make jewelry and belong to many chat groups. We all share our knowledge to help our fellow craftspeople and artists. I admire that you do too. I love your art. I have an idea for all the books and magazines, give them to your local senior citizens center, retirement village, nursing home, or children’s hospital. (The last one could educate and/or influence a child to the art of photography or it could be the only way they will ever see these places.) Why let them go to waste just sitting around?

  • You know Trey, my ancestors are from Jogjakarta. Hence this beautiful shots you took of Borobudur really means a lot. In fact I have never seen this place more beautiful. Lovely shots! 😀

    Saiyidah from Singapore.

  • Well done! I like your business model too!

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