Descending into the Badlands

You know, I was just realizing that I spent a nice part of last summer digging up dinosaurs with Jack Horner in the badlands of Montana, and I’ve hardly posted any photos!

Well, now we are starting to get a “bit” closer to the dinosaurs… Here we are, descending down through the sandstones of time into the belly of the beast. Just a few more feet down, and we are getting into the cretaceous. Getting from the top to the bottom is a little treacherous, but I find it helps to follow a smart paleontologist when trying to figure out the best way to traverse the mudstones.

Not too far from here, I picked up a hadrosaur vertebrae, which I now keep here on my desk at home, among a panoply of other 90 million year old dinosaur fossils that I was lucky enough to find.

Descending into the Badlands

  • i was looking at this for a while and i can’t seem to tell how big that tree/peice of wood actually is..

  • I really like the surreality. It is like a picture from a movie from Tarsem Singh. I do like those movies too.

  • How fun!!!! That’s what I want to do in my next life, hunt for ancient bones. Great picture, Trey!!!Glad you had that opportunity, thanks for sharing!!

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey! As with most things in life I see it’s more complicated than one would think!



  • Thanks!

    Stephen, It was very small – but you are right that it is hard to tell!

    Aneebaba- I like the Singh movie too

    Gail & casusan & Apostle – Thanks – I found a few fossils and worked with a bunch of paleontologists that found much better things.

  • The Badlands were custom-made for your style of photography/art. This is beautiful, of course. When I was a kid, we visited the Badlands during a cross-country road trip. My dad kept telling me I couldn’t get out of the car or I’d sink into the quicksand and die…Yes, he was a little extreme. 🙂 I’d love to go back there now and see them as an adult.

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