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I’ve said this to a few people while talking about this place, but I’m not sure anyone believes me. This is the slipperiest place in the world. It’s completely unbelievable. I don’t know how many people die here every year, but it’s gotta be a high number. The ice is already slick, but when the mist from the waterfall settles on top of it, there is some eerie superconductivity achieved and then all frictional bets are off.

I did slip down onto my back at one point. It was pretty jarring, since I put 99% of my effort into saving my camera! Thank goodness it was a flat part… because if it was slanted, there was only one direction I would have slid.

This is the Gulfoss waterfall in Iceland. It’s pretty intense… and I don’t really recommend getting too close in the winter, in case you could not sense the trepidation before…


  • that.. is gorgeous.. doesn’t look very hdr-ish at all. in fact if i didn’t know you took this i would guess one exposure with gnd.

  • wait how did you do those clouds.. layer mask over the entire bottom half?

  • That is amazing. You are a true talent. Bravo!

  • Deb

    Really beautiful!! I can almost feel the cold coming through the picture! Falling down here could be fatal. You are very brave! Thank you for showing me some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

  • Oh my, Trey, that is a scary place. Glad you didn’t go over the edge!!! The photo really depicts the starkness of that area. Wouldn’t be a spot I would want to be in. But good job on the save and the picture!! :-0

  • Great photo Trey!

  • DEE

    Wow! What a picture! Probably still wasn’t as cold as Iowa’s January.

  • hehe thanks.. this was a regular HDR with Photomatix… but it was very early in morning, and the brilliant sky did cast a heavy shadow over the waterfall… so, as those of you know that read the tutorial, I remix the finished product with the original raw, which did have a big delta in foreground/sky light levels.

  • It’s too bad you couldn’t records the sound to go with this as well. That’s would have been interesting to hear all that water falling into that gorge.

  • errr… I meant “It’s too bad you couldn’t record the sound to go with this as well. That would have been interesting to hear all that water falling into that gorge.” Wow – typing for me takes Fridays off, I guess.

  • absolutely stunning! i grew up in Newfoundland, not really so far away from Iceland. i remember my dad and brother-in-law spent some time in Rekivik (i’m sure that’s spelled wrong) and brought some photos, nothing as spectacular as yours, though. thanks for sharing it! good memories.

  • Dawn

    Beautiful picture. I was there early October a few years ago. It’s slippery even when there is no snow. Thanks for the memories.

  • I was just at the Gulfoss in January during a 3 day trip to Iceland, and yes, it’s super slippery. I fell only once though 🙂 I wish I had known about HDR when I was there. I just discovered it upon getting back. Awesome place.

  • ftw

    I would love to see a spring version of this. I’m constantly amazed by your work.

  • Fantastic light, depth, and technique, you could be there, amazing work, and inspirational, well done.

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