The Joker… my latest drawing

Hey I know everyone comes here for photography, and primarily HDR photography at that!  Well, this is “kinda” photography, in that it is, technically, a photo.  The only thing more recursive is if I would have made a drawing of me taking a photo of this drawing, but, of course, I’d have to take a photo of that to so I could get it on the blog.

Normally, I hate to show work-in-progress.  It kind of takes the magic out of it a bit, you know?  Maybe not.  I remember a few days ago at the talk, I forgot to tell the crowd, “Okay look, this all may be a real disappointment to you all when you see how it is done!  Sometimes the best part of magic is not seeing the steps betwixt!”  But, oh well… it was a pretty techy crowd, and they like hangin’ out in Photoshop too…  It’s all good.

As you guys know, I think drawing is a nice way to help out with photography a bit…  I think it certainly helps you to notice things.  I mention a bit about that in an article here on the site (in case you missed it) called “10 Principles of Beautiful Photography“.

I'm spending the afternoon drawing... I usually never post wo... on TwitPic

The Joker... my latest drawing

  • Creepy.

  • Most people don’t realize it at all but even in your drawing you used HDR techniques. You tone mapped a scene with a high dynamic range of light, which you saw or have in your head (or a combination), to be able to put that on (low contrast) paper.

    Very very nice drawing. My drawing techniques didn’t evolve since I was 5 years old 😀

  • Nice work Trey.

  • Deb

    Very Nice!!!! You are an artist of the 1st caliber! Thank You!

  • This is what I like about Trey: he never stops exploring! He is always searching and trying out new things. And he started out from scratch. He does this amazing photography cause he really works hard on it. And he will be getting better and better with his drawing because he works on it. So he is an never ending inspiration to all of his readers telling us: never stop exploring and never stop evolving! Thanks for sharing !

  • Very nice drawing Trey.

    That’s a charcol drawing, right?

  • Woha! The Right eye looks brilliant!

    I guess it’s time you start a sketch blog too! 😀

    PS: If you get time, check my sketches too! 😉

  • Well, Trey, you never cease to amaze us!!!! What a great drawing of the joker. The texture is wonderful, and you put so much detail in the scene!!! Very realistic. You sure are a multi-talented fellow. Thanks for sharing yet another talent you have!!!!

  • Getting good there!!! Amazing!

  • hehe thanks all. Glad you like it. I have another set of drawings here:

    Rash – those are good – thanks for showing them 🙂

    Gail – thank you – nice of you… I was inspired by another comic book artist… I think those guys are really good… I am not – still learning!

    And thanks as always – nice comments Paul, Deb, Birgit, and Neil!

    Dale – it is charcoal and pencil both… it only looks right from a certain angle… the pencil has a lot of glare sometimes!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! What a wonderful drawing!! You are truly multi-talented!! Way to go Trey!

  • Anthony

    WOW Trey! You are getting a lot better! That’s cool man!

  • Jeff


    I like your doing the combination of pencil and charcoal. It is a great way to sharpen your skills, I told you before I think you’ll do good as an artist. I like the texture true, but it is the depth you put into it that I love. Keep up the work and you’ll be showing at the best galleries like Vincent. Of course before then we’ll have to start auctioning you off, to get you really well known… Great piece hope you’ll add more to your blog soon.

  • DEE

    That drawing is good!!!

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  • Michael G

    Great drawing from A great book

  • Griff

    Wow Trey. Fantastic work! Talk about “right brain and left brain”…you are obviously gifted with both. Thanks for this very well done website. I have found a mentor!

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