The Last of the True Texas Dancehalls – The Broken Spoke

The is the famous Broken Spoke in Austin. It’s hosted some of country music’s best and they are widely seen as the “last of the true Texas dancehalls”. I have a friend here in Austin that recommended I run around and shoot some of these places, and try to grab them with a certain style. So this is really the first in an upcoming series that will probably take me many months to finish.

There is also this ancient looking bus out front that I snapped at dusk… I hope to get that processed in the near future too!

Broken Spoke

  • Gisele

    Great image!! Congrats…

  • What a great picture, Trey. Looks like one of those places we would like to visit. Bet it was a hopping place in it’s hay-day!!! Having grown up on a farm, always thought a barn dance would be fun, but it never happened, lol. And what a neat name, Broken Spoke. Very clever. Looking forward to more of your pictures of places from the past and present. Have a nice Sunday. March in coming in like a lamb in our valley, yeah!!! Hope it goes out like one,, too, lol!!

  • March is, that is. I can’t help it, I’m old 😉

  • Dale Martin

    Awesome awesome photo Trey!!!! I roamed around Fort Worth last night looking for a shot like that.

    True Texas style indeed!!1


  • Your skies are always so streaky!! Some post processing magic going on there or are you merely selective with what/when/where you shoot??

  • DJ Ox

    Now that is old time Austin! Cool, you can see the pool table inside the window — that one thing unique to hdr.

  • DJ Ox

    Btw, how did you do the waving flag from multiple exposures so it appears from just one? Masking to one of the single images?

  • Thanks! The flag is from one of the 5 raw files… and the sky just gets streaked with the long exposures… and it looks sunbursty because of the lens! 🙂

  • Facebook User

    Trey – love the old west feel of this pic. nice shot !

  • Ya know … I’ve in Austin since 1992 and I have never been to The Broken Spoke. Shame ON ME! And I call myself an Austinite? I’ve even had friends that have performed there.

  • DEE

    I love the Broken Spokes. I search on all the wheels for such.

  • I actually had that on our list of possible places to go while we were in Austin… but we didn’t make it. Very cool picture!

  • This is a really great image, but I have a somewhat stupid question. What does “true Texas dancehall” mean, exactly? I’ve never heard that phrase, so I’m not completely sure what we’re referring to here?

  • To lend Trey a hand with answering a few of the questions here so far regarding The Spoke. “True Texas Dancehall” means this joint is the REAL deal. Been around since 1964, since way before all the strip centers and car repair shops encircling it these days, back when it was about the only thing way down there in “deep South Austin” (about 5 miles from Downtown in reality). Always operated by the same propietor, James M. White and his wife. This is where the likes of Bob WIlls and the Texas Playboys held court…a young Willie Nelson who still sits in with folks on sets there…George Strait…Kris Kristofferson…the list goes on. And I can only tell you that Trey did his usual magical job of capturing the warmth, charm and soul of the old ’64 Spoke in this photo. Can’t wait to see what he does with the classic bus out front!

  • Jacques (fotofreq on flickr)

    Brilliant work! I am really looking forward to seeing the series develop. Nice!

  • the picture is stunning! It brings all together – mood, atmosphere, colour. It has a certain look that seems a bit artificial, but it works! It envokes a certain mood when looking at the picture. It does what all work of art should do: Send out a message to the one looking at it. What message it will behold is different for every body, cause every body looks at the picture with a certain mood, view of the world and the sort of thing. Great work !

  • Thanks everyone – and thanks for the extra info Fred 🙂

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