Rebekka in Nature

Whenever I drive from my home to downtown Austin, I listen to a few podcasts. One of them is the TWIP (This Week in Photography) podcast, and they recently interviewed Rebekka from Iceland. I had been lucky enough to shoot with her before when I was there, so it was nice to take a little trip down memory lane. When we had met, she was just getting into knitting, and now it’s turned into this major business for her, besides her other artistic pursuits. If you visit her Flickr page, you can see a bunch of nice photos as well as some of her sweaters. Besides those, she also made this green scarf seen below (you can see her knitting it here al fresco). She makes each one by hand and they take about a month… she’ll make you one, but be sure to offer her 4x her normal rate just to make sure you get to the top of the list!

Anyway, while I was with her, we went out to this fjord area about 100km outside of Reykjavik. There were horses milling about, so we got out to do some exploring. At first I was surprised how tame the horses were around humans and how easy it was for Rebekka, who, hitherto was known only to me as the camera whisperer.  I started going back through my photos from that trip, and I found this one to share with y’all.

One of her favorite things to do is jump in a car and go drive around Iceland to get lost. I like that so much too, that’s just what I did! Below the photo of Rebekka are a few shots from other fjords that knife into the meandering coastline and various places that kept me walking across the tundra as moody skies rolled in. She says she doesn’t take the raw beauty of Iceland for granted, and I believe her.

Rebekka in Nature (by Stuck in Customs)


The Earth

The Farm on the Fjord at Sunset

Winter is Coming

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  • Now I am logged in as myself, in facebook. This is confusing me. Who am I in this social web that I have weaved? Why do I leave such tangential questions while testing a comment system?

  • playboy spread my butt.

    gorgeous as usual, though.

  • Nice stuff, as always Trey!

  • hehe thanks… well she WAS in Playboy. I could not help but notice that Playboy contact her before me. This is an oversight I cannot forgive.

  • DJ Ox

    Are you Chang-tzu or the butterfly trapped in electronic daydreams of Trey. Hey its late, sorry. Great images as always!

  • Good and deep question there DJ Ox 🙂

  • Good stuff as usual Trey, the waterfall on the last one is sweet.

  • I remember Rebekka, she has very cools shots in the set Multiplicity where she killed herself.

    I need to visit Iceland one day, looks so beautiful over there.

  • Steve Gray

    Iceland is such a unique and beautiful place. I’m looking forward to returning there someday. If only I could have a guide like Rebekka!


  • Dale Martin

    Another get set of photos Trey. I had to laugh when I saw that post over on Smashing that stated that your were in big trouble, because you were stealing images of Rebekka’s horses. That poster should come over and visit your site.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Look forward to tomorrows image.


  • Trey, how wonderful that you know such an interesting photographer/knitter so well. The photos are just beautiful!!!! I also knit, so I can relate to Rebekka in that field. I don’t do as much of it as I would like to. My sister was right when she said I wouldn’t have as much time as I planned on having when I retired. I’ve never been busier, lol. But I hold offices in all the org’s I’ve joined out here in Montana. Someone has to do it, and people are reluctant to step up to the plate. Same thing everywhere. So take my advice, when you get to that point in your life. Don’t volunteer toooo much, but stick with your hobbies. 😉

  • Each time I see one of your Iceland pictures, I can,t wait to get there this summer.
    Actually, your pictures are partly the reason I’m going…

  • Rebekka is another one of those freaking amazing photographers. I’ve been following her for quite awhile – through the photo steeling thing – and wish I had the money to purchase some of her stuff (as well as yours). I’ve often wondered if you two ever met since your stuff is in a similar style. How lucky for you to have a chance to shoot with her – and how lucky for her!

  • Another knitter here, though yarn has lately gotten so expensive, I don’t do it much anymore. She would have to charge a fortune for a hand-knit sweater due to yarn cost and time invested.

    As for driving around until you get lost… I do this all the time, mostly on the scooter (in warm weather, of course, and it’s much more cost-effective than using the car). The one thing I really hated about $4/gallon gas was not being able to indulge my random driving habit. These days, being unemployed, I don’t do it much either and I miss it terribly. I never know what I’m going to see around the next curve of road.

  • Good work, Trey

    I have learned a lot from your work in HDR.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Hehe wow I didn’t know there were two knitters that were regular posters… Interesting. I should take more knitting-related photography to keep you two happy! 🙂

    And Dale yes – funny that you saw that too… hehe

    Thanks everyone for the good comments!

  • casusan

    Way to go Trey – super – glad to see the little icons are back!

  • Iceland looks like a very nice place to visit!

  • am I commenting from facebook now?

  • that’s fantastic! ah, the ease of integration these days. in any case, stopped by to mention how much I love the iceland photos. they still are my favorites of yours. and since the landscape is so unique, you have quite a challenge ahead of yourself to surpass those images. I trust you’re up for it! I’m kidding… kind of =)

  • wow. very neat. I got to hang out with Rebekka in October. fun times.


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