A morning swim to the island

I’m embarrassed that I can’t remember the name of that little island out there.  I think it’s called Bird Island… but I am not totally sure!   If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d open up Google Earth to figure it out for sure.  But then I know I have a lot of clever readers who can probably tell me for sure!

This was taken in Glacier National Park.  I woke up around 5 AM to drive out to this lake to capture the little island in the soft morning light.  I really like this area of the Rockies.  They seem very old and ancient to me.  I spent the rest of the morning tromping through the forest, trying to find more interesting vantage points while making enough noise to scare away any grizzlies that might have been looking to get me in an interesting vantage point.

A morning swim to the island (by Stuck in Customs)

  • This place is so beautiful. I must check it out one day. thx for sharing

  • Jaimee Young

    My husband and I honeymooned here…..You truly capture the beauty! Thanks for sharing all your talents with us and inspiring us all to see the beauty in everything we see!!

  • Jaimee Young

    I can’t help but think of Lord of the Rings, looking at those mystical mountains……..wow. You’re amazing. Good Job!

  • “A morning swim”???? Is it dumb to ask if you actually swam out there?

    None the less, I very awesome shot.
    I could almost picture Frodo and Sam trudging through the forest there.

  • I wish we had some places over here in Hungary, your pictures take me to the places I want to go, if I ever make it to the USA.
    Really like the many shades of green and blue.

  • *Yess*(from flickr)

    Wowwww, a really paradise!! I want to be there!! Delicious shot, my frined.

  • Deb

    Truly Beautiful!!! I am a sucker for anything about nature. This is one of the best pictures you have shared with us! I also want to thank you for the Things that Inspire me page. It is AWESOME! I check back weekly(I have the page bookmarked) to see what other interesting things you have to share with us. THANK YOU! Keep up the really wonderful work!

  • Hi Trey! Nice picture as always. Actualy, nice is an under statment.
    Speaking of Google Earth, have you ever though of creating palcement mark of all the places you’ve been?
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Mike

    Its Wild Goose Island – and you took a killer photo of it!

  • Hehe thanks! I am a sucker for anything nature too 🙂

    And I will update that “Things that inspire me” page soon… I have some new things I have been marking for upload.

    Maybe one day I will make one of those world map things. They usually come out more dull than you think they would!

  • I’m re-integrating the Facebook Comments… so there is just one system – comments will be a bit buggy today! 🙁

  • Bellisimo, Bravo!!!

  • Chris

    That is an absolutely stunning photo.. Fantastic.. Well done!

    These photos have definitely piqued my interest in HDR photography and, as soon as I get enough pennies saved up to get a decent camera, I’m jumping in head first!

  • Goose Island seems to come to mind . . .

    Wow. This takes me right back there.

  • Dale Martin

    Beautiful photo!!

  • I just linked this to my facebook acct. so I got you there also to enjoy and share with my friends too. Just signed up over the wknd. it is so cool and lots of fun.

    From one Cancer to another, I get real joy in seeing all your Nature shots (especially those with Clouds and Water), they give “Life and Strength” to the world around us, not to mention the Beauty. You have brought HDR photography to us all, it really makes the colors and all jump out come alive… for those who may not get that chance, “to see or feel that beauty of the real place”, you bring it alive to us, like the lady in Hungary said. That makes it worth it all. You give us a view not everyone has the time or opportunity to enjoy.

    Thanks again for that beauiful eye you share with us all, this is truly an awesome shot both magical and very breath taking…

  • Jeff – great to have you here…. nice to see you with everyone else – and thanks!

    Julie – you are right – Goose Island! 🙂

    Chris, Dale, and Bryan – thanks! 🙂 Glad you took the time to comment 🙂

  • KJ

    Mesmerizing.. you’ve taken me on a trip to a Tolkein

  • Wow. I have the same shot – taken about 10 years ago – from the same spot. It was a late evening (10pm) midsummer, and the mountains were silhouetted against a purple sunset, where the island was a silhouette in the lakes mirror of the sky.

    Seeing this brought my whole shooting trip back to me in a flood of memories.

    Thank you!

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