The Pirate Party (and an invite next Thursday night)

On one special night per week at Disney World, they have this pirates and princesses party. This last year, I took my son, who was totally into Pirates of the Caribbean at the time. He went in full regalia and ran around like a nut… it was great and he had a super time!

The fireworks show is over the top on this night, and they project all kinds of cool stuff on the “Cinderella Castle” (that’s what my daughter calls it as she screams it out every time I have to watch that infernal Tinkerbell DVD).

…and next Thursday night you are all invited to my little photography talk here in Austin. It’s free… I know its being put on by a Mac user group, but PC users are welcome too. I think I will be giving a little tutorial too! You can get a map, times and stuff, at this website.

The Pirate Party (and invite for next Thursday night) (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Great shot – I’ll be close, but not quite (over in Houston for business)

  • DEE

    Beautiful. Thanks for the story about your children

  • Dale Martin

    Get Shot Trey. Wish I lived in Austin. Dallas is close but not that close. Are you a MAC guy?

  • Gail in Montana

    Neat, Trey, they you took your soon to the pirates night!!! I bet he did have a blast, how cool is that!!! Nice shot of of the castle with fireworks and amazing color!!!! I’m glad you spend so much quality time with your kids, that’s so important. They are blessed to have your for a Dad!!

  • Gail in Montana

    oops, sorry for the typo. that you took your son. Boy, I need to proofread my typing anymore, getting “old”!!

  • Very vivid! The effects make the “girly” castle mucho macho!!

  • What a memory for your son!

  • Julien

    Great shot !! and it is the sleeping beauty castle not cinderella’s btw 🙂

  • gorgeous

  • too gorgeous

  • You could sell this one to Disney! 🙂

    – Moose
    Editor of the Canon T1i Blog

  • Experiment_626

    This castle IS, in fact, officially called “Cinderella Castle” by Disney (NOT “Cinderella’s Castle”). The one in Disneyland is “Sleeping Beauty Castle.”


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