Grabbing some sushi in Vegas

This place is cool!

They have this huge video wall with a plexiglass 3D sculpture covering the surface, which causes all sorts of interesting angular distortion. It’s really tough to describe, but cool.

I’m reminded of one time in Korea when I went to eat sushi and something bad happened. I should have put this in my 25 Things from yesterday! Anyway… I went back to this special sushi place because I remembered the unagi (eel) at the buffet. They had none when I went back, so I asked the manager what happened. He was very apologetic and said he would have some specially made for me.

He asked how many eel I wanted, and I didn’t know what quantity to say, since I never really knew what percentage of an unagi a typical serving of sushi was.

So I told him 3. It turns out that 3 eels is a lot of food. (is there an s on the end of eel for a multitude of eel(s)?)

He brought me a heaping serving plate full of sushi. I felt so bad for making them do so much work, that I ate as much as I could. I consumed waaaay too much and passed out later that night in my bathroom, cutting my face open on the sink and waking up the next day in a small pool of sticky blood.

But I still love eating eel.

Below is a pic of Shibuya, the sushi restaurant in Vegas. Under that is an older shot from Seoul, taken during full consciousness.

Grabbing some sushi in Vegas (by Stuck in Customs)

Rush Hour went

  • Jacques (fotofreq on flickr)

    First eel overdose I have heard of. That’s pretty funny, though I imagine not so much when you flopped forward onto the sink. My favorite is the sake (salmon) sashimi, which I have been know to OD on here in Jakarta.

  • Jen

    ha! great story! I too love sushi, and was born in Korea, and I love your work!

  • mmmmmm unagi is my favorite! i love sushi =)
    amazing pictures!

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    That’s such a beautiful photo “the sushi bar”
    And i can confirm that their is an “s” at the end of the word eel when describing more than one eel.

    All the best


  • Never had sushi, but would have loved to start eating it there! 😉

  • Yeah, I like Unagi too.

  • DEE

    Two fascinating pictures. I travel with you vicariusly. Your picture of Seoul is surprising.

  • Gail in Montana

    Whoa, Trey, you were lucky on that one. Glad you didn’t bleed out!!!! I guess that was a lesson well learned, hey? Sushi doesn’t appeal to me at all, but to each his/her own. Beautiful pictures!!

  • the first step is admitting you have a problem. lol great pictures

  • I was just in vegas and my stuff didn’t turn out nearly as good as yours! great job, keep up the inspiration.

  • Wow… I love sushi, but it has never resulted in me bleeding! Sound like you ate quite a bit, I just moved to Sweden from Australia and the sushi isn’t as good here. Ahh well, I will make do. Great shot.

  • haha thanks all… Yes Jayhan me too – I could probably eat it every meal.

  • i love ur 2nd pic… the light and such…
    Just wonder how big the unagi they served u…
    im a fans of unagi too.. is yummy.. maybe next time u can try anago…. is sea eel.. taste yummy too

  • The city shot is just fantastic! And eating all the eel just so the manager would not be offended? – how altruistic of you 🙂

  • Casper van Zyl

    great city shot,love sushi.

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