Beautiful Austin at Sunset

I went downtown on Sunday night to work on some new drawings, and I was pretty sure that the gray clouds would not be conducive to shooting. But then, just as the sun dipped below the horizon, it tore through the city with bright pinks for about 10 minutes. I sped over to the other side of the Colorado River and jumped out for a quick shot. Luckily, I always keep the D3X in my car with me in case of a photo emergency like this.

In other news, I finally did that 25 Things thing that has been bouncing around Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account, I copied the 25 Things here to the site…

Beautiful Austin at Sunset (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Blake

    Great shot Trey!

  • Nice lighting on the buildings!

  • Zim

    Amazing! I love how the trees look! And the clouds, and everything!

  • Indibang

    Just superb! Need to check out this place on next visit to Austin.

  • Dale Martin


  • Gail in Montana

    Wondeful shot of the suset!!! Glad you happened to be there at the right time! I need to check out that 25 things in facebook, I haven’t seen it yet on my home page. Your list was quite interesting 😉 .

  • DEE

    It’s strange what a sunset can go. And such a short time. You were lucky to have been there.

  • Where are the bats? The last time I was in Austin at sunset, the sky was black with them.

  • Trey, I saw this on Sunday as well. I was sitting on the front porch and the sun sets behind my house. I got up to go get something and BAM! Up in georgetown the sky was bright orange! I sometimes see photos of sunsets and think man that is not real but I saw it with my own eyes on Sunday. I got in my car and raced ot the nearest hill I could fine. I ended up being about 2 minutes late to caputre the full glory. Anyways I should have the photo posted on flicker and my blog today.

  • DJ Ox

    Sunday night’s sunset was amazing. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera as I in my field and the camera in the house. Even the eastern sky lit up crazily! love those Austin images!!!

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