The Electric City Comes Alive – and a radio show appearance today…

Here is a wonderful place to be as the sun is setting in China… It was a perfect and cool night. Just me, my camera, and some nice music… I also posted a few other shots from Hong Kong. One is from the opposite vantage point, looking back towards The Peak, on which I was standing for the first one.

Also, today I am going to be interviewed on a radio show called “World of Perspective” that you can tune into on the intertubes. You can find it here below…or listen to it after it runs and pretend that it’s live. I can’t promise I’ll be as entertaining as Carrot Top on acid, but maybe a level right below that… but please come in with low expectations! 🙂

The Electric City Comes Alive (by Stuck in Customs)

The Shrine of Offering

Farewell Hong Kong...  on the way to Shanghai

  • p.m.w

    very beautiful love the lights in this one Trey, breathtaking view!

  • i love this! it looks like the city is actually alive and breathing. excellent take sir!

  • wow!! it’s hard to beat the view from victoria peak! your other victoria peak photo is my all time favorite hdr. i think this one has supplanted it though. amazing shot, trey!!

  • p.m.w

    This is called Victoria Peak. Amazing, I did not know that.

    What a beautiful place to go hiking, I really love this shot, have fun with your talk show today!

    What a view of the world…the world is beautiful…thank you Trey!

  • Your settin’ the bar a little low my friend…..your gonna rock I am sure. I will have to catch it later. Good luck and knock em’ dead!

  • Great stuff Trey!
    I am not getting any audio though, I’ll try again later.

  • casusan

    Awesome interview Trey! Way to go – congrats to Benjamin and pmw! I knew the answers too – but wasn’t fast enough!

  • hehe thanks – glad you liked it

  • You are incredibly creative, inspirational. I’ve had one photo in Explore…a very semi b&w nude for 13 days last August 7 to 20. b&w was it for me until I saw more and more of yours and other shots similar. The crips vividness, colors is what i want to learn.
    I don’t strive to get a photo into Explore anymore, but I am excited to finally be learning HDR from your tutorial. thank you

  • I listened to some of it while on a show. Having a producer screaming in the other ear isnt the best way to absorb the real meaning of your talk. I will have to listen to it later.

    I called in at the end. I am quite sure I sounded like a complete dork!

    I am looking forward to listening to it in a quieter environment. You had quite a few profound things to say. Nice job!

  • Cool – thanks Kenya and Millin… and no Michael you didn’t sound like a dork at all! 🙂

  • Hello Tray,

    I’ve just had a listen to the interview, and I have to say there were some really interesting points discussed. I especially like your way of describing how the human eye takes in a scene and represents it to our brains. I agree with you about how HDR is only going to become even more mainstream, and it will, be interesting to see what hardware developments will come along… Also, interesting point about the Creative Commons licence.

    If I am honost, I think the radio host was extremely poor at handling the interview, it felt very disjointed, and she just seemed to have no understanding of the real benefits of HDR photography. But anyway, it was good to hear some of your ideas about where digital photography is going and I look forward to seeing your perspective of the world in an unparallaxed way!

    All the best.


  • ben

    Very interesting interview Trey. Can’t wait to meet you soon…
    The interviewer wasn’t perfect but I don’t think this was her area of expertise. I threw in a couple of those questions from the chat room. You got to love that kind of interaction with your audience. I enjoyed hearing some of your insights about topics other than just photography.

    Always enjoy seeing your new images. I haven’t had time to download the texture tutorial yet, but I have heard good things.
    Ben Godkin

  • Ana

    I just found your site. I’m amazed by your work.
    I feel like publishing, with credits of course, but I’m dazzled by all of them.
    Guess I will start with the sunset, sunrise…

  • AVSetup

    I live there and never see such beautiful scenery of HKG. Nice and
    Wonderful shots. May I ask what camera were you using for the shot?
    Many Thanks.


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