The Electric City Comes Alive – and a radio show appearance today…

Here is a wonderful place to be as the sun is setting in China… It was a perfect and cool night. Just me, my camera, and some nice music… I also posted a few other shots from Hong Kong. One is from the opposite vantage point, looking back towards The Peak, on which I was standing for the first one.

Also, today I am going to be interviewed on a radio show called “World of Perspective” that you can tune into on the intertubes. You can find it here below…or listen to it after it runs and pretend that it’s live. I can’t promise I’ll be as entertaining as Carrot Top on acid, but maybe a level right below that… but please come in with low expectations! 🙂

The Electric City Comes Alive (by Stuck in Customs)

The Shrine of Offering

Farewell Hong Kong...  on the way to Shanghai

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