The Old Silo Against the Elements

Outside of Rudyard, Montana, I found this old grain silo that was still standing tall against the elements. There was a newer silo just down the tracks, but I thought this one had a bit more personality. The newer one was kind of predictable and boring, so where’s the fun in that? I walked around it a few times and looked at the clouds until I feel like I found a pretty good vantage for capturing the silo in its element.

The Old Silo Against the Elements (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Huh? It’s not all sparkly and colorful. Just kidding. Looks like you dropped the saturation. I think that’s making the silo even more massive somehow. Nice silvery tone to the photo. I like. Looks like a Winslow Homer painting without the sea. Maybe an Andrew Wyeth ’cause of the country and the grass.

  • Great natural tones here.

  • Hi,

    Not commented before, but subscribe to your blog.

    Lovely shot, would make a nice moody B&W.

    I live in Leek, Staffordshire, UK and noticed the place is called Rudyard. There is a village and reservoire near Leek called Rudyard / Rudyard Lake. It was very popular in Victorian England and Rudyard Kipling’s parents spent their honeymoon there.

    When their son was born they named him Rudyard after their honeymoon location.

    I wonder if there is a connection between Rudyard, Staffordhsire and Rudyard, Montana.



  • Phil Wright

    Was this taken with one RAW exposure Trey? Great photo.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wonderful picture of how the old silos looked, Trey. We see these a lot traveling between Montana and Michigan. You can just picture the teams out there pulling the trashing machines, etc, depending on the grain that was grown. Thanks for the trip into the past!! Isn’t history great!! You really got a great shot of this one, just perfect!!

  • DEE

    I think that is a grain elevator. Probably originally a commercial elevator. It even is identified as one on the side. Silos (here on the farm) are also tall but rounded in structure.

  • Dale Martin


  • Trey, are we on the same wavelength or something? Here’s my shot of an old grain silo, unfortunately found in the middle of a busy river town.

  • Thanks!

    Dee – you are right… it is a grain elevator! 🙂

    Fenraven – that is a really cool shot… nice colors!

    Phil – Yes one RAW

    Rob – nice to see you here – I assume the names are connected in some way…it is kind of an unique word.

  • Great capture of an old abandoned silo. You got the angle just right. We tend to agree on favouring old over new buildings, but you can have a bit of fun with new silos as well:

  • Superb!

  • Really great shot of the elevator. I was there last summer and took a bunch of pictures. This is magnitudes better than my shots. I wonder what the odds are of 2 people stopping to take a picture of an old elevator in Montana:)

    I really like all of your work. You have a very distinctive style. I like the viewpoints you use when you take your pictures. I’ve added you to my daily watch list.

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