Entering the Pyramid

I know people always harp on how campy Vegas is, but I think it’s all totally cool. All the textures, the interior design, the layers of vision — they all add up to some very interesting optics. I assume that most people that walk around these places don’t notice all the incredible design, but I know you guys do… just like me. I had unexpected free time one night, so I went out to occupy myself with a bit of exploration. I was staying at THE Hotel and walked next door to the Luxor. Upon entering the complex from the bottom, I was greeted with this view of the inside of the pyramid.

Entering the Pyramid (by Stuck in Customs)

  • kern.justin

    I always thought the view from one of the upper floors, looking down into the lobby would be great (waits for a future http://www.stuckincustoms.com post).

  • That’s majestic 😛

  • Excellent perspective!

  • BeachsidePaul

    Beautiful shot but I wonder if it’s an indication of the current economy. I’ve never seen the Lux with nobody in the halls! Since it appears that you were the only customer in the hotel, did the let you set up your tripod for the shot? My friend was trying to take a picture of the sunrise reflecting from a Starbucks windows and the manager came out and gave him hell because he was using a tripod from across the street. “Company policy says no one can take pictures of our store!” Oh please, have we sunk this far? Thanks again for all your wonderful inspiration to all of us “wanna-bes”!

  • Thanks!

    Paul – that is crazy… don’t you hate that? It’s 2009… cameras are everywhere. People are taking photos of that place anyway… and they are goin on the internet… the tripod will make it look even better… all you are doing is improving the quality of the average shot!

  • I run into what Paul was saying a lot. I do mostly outdoor shots, and am constantly questioned. I bet if a painter set up an easel they wouldn’t be questioned.

  • Here is a legitimate site in regards to photographer’s rights. http://www.krages.com/ThePhotographersRight.pdf

    This subject really upsets me, so sorry for the numerous posts Trey.

  • This is awesome as usual. Have you considered starting a YouTube channel? Maybe upload some tutorials or behind-the-scenes type videos using screen capture software. You have a huge fanbase here, I’d imagine carrying it over to Youtube would be great. Get enough viewers, apply for the YouTube partnership! I’ve uploaded some tutorials but have yet to gain some viewers. Good luck. -Nick

  • hehe thanks all…

    Nick, I have considered it… but I want to make sure I do it right when I do it… currently, I don’t have enough time to do a quality job.

  • Indibang

    Wonderful picture of a lovely structure.
    We are so lucky to see places through your eyes, rather through camera lens(as it can never be an eye). I was just wondering there has to be some way to correct the verticality of columns in the picture optically and/or digitally(you are the expert)

  • Brandon W.

    Was this hand-held or with a tripod. With the kind of camera you had did you have any problems taking this image?

  • Thanks!

    It was with a tripod for sure….

  • Brandon W.

    Thanks for the response, i was just checkin because I know a lot of people don’t like tripods. I got stopped in some places and others they never even cared. I guess it’s always good to ask first or know someone who works there before you whip out something big like a tripod.

  • Right… well establishments NEVER like tripods. I always get asked to leave or put it away. It doesn’t discourage me any… I always continue to use a tripod until I get caught. I find it a completely silly rule, so I don’t respect it.

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