A Chilly Night in Boston

I got in pretty late that night… It was bitter cold outside, but I decided to head out for a few. I haven’t yet found a good hand-in-glove solution that both keeps them warm and allows me to meddle with all the little dials on my beauty; if she only had a warm hand I could hold between takes, now that would be sweet.

In other news, one week from now, I am going to be on a radio show that you all can listen in to, should you be bored. It will also be recorded, so you can really listen to it any time. I’ll put a little listen-here-widget on my blog next Sunday morning, but here is a link beforehand if you get the jitters.  Here is the little description Elizabeth (the host) has up on her website:

The world is awash in electromagnetic, sound, and vibrational waves.  We swim through them all fairly effortlessly, experiencing life and creating memories. If life is nothing but an adventure to collect interesting memories, how do we come to best understand the way in which humans experience the world at large? How can thinking about memory, science, and art help enhance our experience with all the little things we take for granted?

And in other unrelated news, there is a new thing called Flickr Hive Mind… it is a slightly different way to view Flickr photos. Here it is, displaying a selection of my top 100 (or so, I guess!) photos.

A Chilly Night in Boston

  • Oh Boston…I hear you calling me subliminally through Trey…for the second time in a row. 🙂

  • stephen

    boston would be so much more pleasant without the wind. great photo, as usual.

  • DEE

    Traffic on left. Christmas lights on trees? Trash bin on near right? Capital-like dome on top? Star (or planet) in the sky.

  • Gail in Montana

    Thanks for letting us know, Trey. I saved both websites in my favorites and will get a reminder in my email 2 hours before the show comes on. Oh no, next Sunday is a busy one for us, we’ll be gone most of the day off and on. Me, especially. So I’ll have to listen to the recorded interview. I looked at the first page of your 100 favorites. Wow, spectacular pictures!!!! I haven’t been in Boston, and probably won’t ever get there now as Michigan is as far east as we go. I think every city has it’s own beauty, some more than others. This is a beautiful picture that makes one want to go there at Christmas. Sorry for being so wordy!! Have you tried the gloves with the finger tips that peel back?? I don’t know if that would help or not. If I didn’t have so many projects going, I would make you a pair 😉 ! Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!!!!

  • thanks — yes Dee I think it is Venus… And thanks for that Gail.

    Sophie you should just go ahead and go… maybe you will find something! 🙂

  • As far as gloves, have you seen http://twipphoto.com/archives/2424 ?? I ordered a pair but they haven’t arrived yet, so I can’t offer my own opinion yet.

  • kern.justin

    It gets pretty freaking cold in Chicago as well – I use Kenai Glacier Gloves – they are rubberized neoprene so you can manipulate every button, change lenses, attach cable releases without taking them off – they have better grip than bare hands and they are water and windproof! When it is colder than the low teens (F) and I plan to be out for a while I use a pair of Wind River Converta-Mitt Fleece – fingerless with a mitten cover on top of the glacier gloves between shots: http://www.windrivergear.com/products/clothing/.

    I’ve been shooting every weekend for the past month in temperatures lower than 15 F for a new blog of my own and swear by that combo.

  • Great picture. too bad the reflecting pool was probably drained (or frozen!)

  • Great stuff. thanks for sharing so generously. as for the glove issue, try wristies® – heated and/or original. fingerless, Polartec® fleece, keep hands warm and circulation going to the tips, even though not covered. send me your address and i’ll send some n/c. i recognize the Christian Science Center in Boston -dome of The Mother Church and yes, lights on the trees on the left. i think they are always lit at night. thanks again for sharing.

  • This is a gorgeous picture. It almost makes me forget that it was probably cold enough to make my butt freeze right off.

  • GlenJudith

    Hi Trey ~ this is my first comment and really I just want to say Thank You so much! You enrich my life every day, and your work and your generosity are part of the impetus for an upcoming “I’m going to be 55 – time to Really see the world trip” that is in the beginning stages of development. Way more than you need to know probably, but life is short, say thanks when it’s due, and so Thanks!
    I’ll be visiting Boston on my way out of the US, and I love to track down places from photos I’ve seen. I did that in the middle of France with postcards my Grandfather had saved during his time in WWI – great experience! I Love your Paris shots especially – some of those I recognize immediately as places I too have been!
    I’ll be learning from you as part of my trip prep! Yay!

  • Cool – thanks for the suggestions!

    Glen – I hope you have a great adventure… it will probably go nothing like you planned, but therein lies the adventure 🙂

  • David

    Another great photo. For gloves, I like these, but haven’t really given them a harsh temp. All the fingers and even the thumb has a flip-top cover. They’re supposed to be windproof and should dry quickly. Check them out…


  • I love the lighting in that picture.

  • nzm

    The best is a pair of biathlon (skiing and shooting) gloves. This gives me the dexterity to operate the camera as the biathlon gloves (which are designed for shooting) peel back off the index fingers and thumbs. They’re super grippy too which is good for handling the camera.

    For extremely cold times, I can add a (larger size) pair of woollen fingerless gloves over the top of the biathlon gloves, and sandwich handwarmers between the gloves when I’m extra cold.

    These photographer gloves look pretty good too!

  • nzm
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