1001 Arabian Nights and the Wily Scheherazade

Do you recall this tale?

The Persian king Shahryar got somewhat upset with one of his wives, had her killed, then married a fresh virgin each day. Then he had them beheaded the following day, which was generally bad in form. Then, as the kingdom ran out of women, the vizier’s own daughter, Scheherazade, married the king with a plan… She told him such interesting stories and things night after night (1,001, to be exact), he became endlessly enraptured.

1001 Arabian Nights and the Wily Scheherazade

  • interesting twist to the normal hdr, i like

  • Nice picture.
    There is just one thing about its name. As you mentioned, Story of 1001night was about a Persian king and the whole story is an Iranian (Persian) one. Persians and Arabs are two very different nations (even though they both live in Middle East) and they have had different background and history.
    Thanks for sharing

  • DEE

    Scheherazade would start an intersting story, and would not end it until the next night, then she would start another story and not end it. Each night making the king curious enough to want to hear the end each time. So she lived on.

  • Wow. I didn’t even see the people and pigeons until I viewed it in the original size. Pigeons everywhere! I bet there was something else everywhere too.

  • DEE

    I saw the birds, also. They might be pigeons. This is my favorite picture.

  • A thousand and one nights… I grew up reading the tales!

  • It looks old, it’s amazing how well they could build something like this with the crude tools and technology they had at the time.

  • thanks! Glad you like it… the next photo will be a bit more colorful, for those of you that are into that sort of thing!

  • Gail in Montana

    Trey, you make the tale come to life with that picture. Can just imagine the whole thing 😉 . Great job as always, and thanks for sharing the tale and the picture!!!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  • Zyx

    Great picture, though in reality this is an Indian (Hindu/Sikh) guru’s house of worship on the New Delhi – Agra National Highway

  • Indibang

    I am regular viewer of your picures which are really great but here I agree with Zyx. Entrance of this temple says ‘Gurudev’ in Hindi language. This has nothing to do with Islam or arabian nights but your imagination of a picture is good!

  • Oh yes – it is definitely a Hindi temple… but the shape of the domes reminds all westerners (including myself) of ancient arabia.

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