The Gestalt Coming and Going

I do love train stations in Europe!

I think each one has a personality of its own, and the gestalt is a function of the trains that come to visit. Leipzig wouldn’t be Leipzig if it never made a connection to Dresden. The stations really have no say in the matter and connections just get made on their own. It’s the natural order of things. Whatever it is about Dresden that makes it special becomes part of Leipzig, and vice versa.

This is from my upcoming LucisArt 6.0 tutorial… I’m still a-workin’ on it when my mind has moments of lucid thought.

The Gestalt of Coming and Going (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Martyn Brown

    I’ve traveled on this route before. Make sure you do Dresden-Prague down the banks of the Elber, if the weather is right, the views are magnificent.

    Nice HDR btw 🙂

  • I do love the train stations, too, but sadly, German trains are a nightmare when it comes to punctuality. Whenever I have to travel by train I end up getting stranded somewhere, because of trains running late and missing connections.
    Some of the delays are because of people committing suizide, trowing themselves in front of the trains.

    The picture is great and I am looking forward your tutorial! Thanks for all your work you put in this and for being an ongoing inspiration to us all.

  • Great shot, wonderful composition.

  • A very good snap. Amazing HDR work as always!!

  • Beautiful photo!

  • Great Picture, I do love the Train-Stations here in Germany.
    Unfortunetly, the DB AG (the company that runs the trains and stations in most cities) doesn’t allow photographs in the stations.

    For a german, this could get really expensive. (all the buildings of the DB are under copyright and you need special permission to take pictures).

    Well, anyway…
    I have no clue what you mean with “gestalt” – maybe because I am german and the word has a specific meaning in german (gestalt can be translated to shape or figure)

  • Gail in Montana

    Nice Pic, would like to visit Germany someday. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Very nice, especially the gleaming red train cars. Do you have the experience of looking at a photo that has not been HDRed and thinking, “Gee, that’s flat and uninteresting.” Because now that I’ve been shooting HDR most of the time, ordinary photos just don’t cut it anymore. I need depth! Definition! Saturated color! My next camera is going to have to offer RAW, that’s for sure.

  • actually – I was also wondering what you mean by Gestalt

    @ André : Is that somewhere written about the copyright and where do you ask for permission?

  • Ohhh I sooo love this place.
    We were there last summer for the Games Convention, and visited this building. Not only, that these huge rooftops are over the trains, but this is actually the first floor of the old train station, the made a great shopping mall and relaxing area on the basement.
    Really like your photo, mines did not turn out so well of course 🙂

  • Hi Trey,

    Nice Reds. Was this a single raw image?


  • beautiful colour achieved! Loving the redness of the trains.

    I would love to give lucis a shot on my mac, I just cannot justify the cost yet. $150 maybe but it’s prices is huge. I’ll still check out the tutorial though. Man I wish the thing was cheaper.

  • Thanks all!

    I am sure the gestalt word in German (purposefully chosen!) does not mean the same thing… here it is a good word that means more than just “shape”… it sort of indicates the overall “feeling”… shape seems to not be enough.

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