This is an unexpected visitor

There I was, minding my own business in the part of the temple where I probably was not supposed to be. But sometimes when you are just wandering around, you can meet interesting people. It reminds me of the Douglas Adams book about Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. If you are lost, follow someone that looks like they know where they are going, and you will end up somewhere you probably needed to be anyway.

So here I was in the back halls of the temple and this guy popped onto the scene. He seemed friendly enough. There was not a lot of spoken words, but there was a lot of international wild gesticulation which appeared to indicate that he worked part time at the temple to help clean up. Since we were in a remote part of Malaysia, I don’t think he got to see many white people with devil-blue eyes, and he seemed to enjoy twisting his head this way and that while grunting at me.

After just a short while, we ran out of things to wildly flail our arms about about, and I asked him if I could take a photo. He happily agreed, and started twisting his head again, looking into the camera.

It was a nice experience all around, and a gentle reminder that the most interesting things seem to happen when you are somewhere that you are not supposed to be, talking to someone you probably have no business talking to in the first place.

This is an unexpected visitor

  • stephen

    i love his facial expression. it looks like you used direct flash; how come you didn’t bounce it (if you did)?

  • stephen

    nevermind i just saw on the exif that there was no flash =( oh well

  • Your lighting is inspiring as always. It looks to me like you had an off camera flash set very low so you could capture the ambient by pumping up the ISO. I imagine you used one of those cereal box, gaffer tape covered, coffee stirrer filled, gridded snoots. Amazing! Was I right? You would be a good contender for “The most amazing job” or was it “The dream job” – the one hanging out on the island.

  • kosomak

    What is so interesting about him? i didn’t find anything special?

  • Trey, I really enjoy reading about your travels and meeting people. The portrait is stunning as all your portrait-pics I have seen that you took. As the others before I am interested in hearing about the light. Was it just ambient light?

  • Heather

    You have the best job in the world!! I want to do this so bad it hurts

  • DEE

    The details of his face and hair are perfect.

  • Masterfully done! What a great portrait. I love how you can see every details of that man’s face – It’s tells a great story about him.

  • Love the twisting head expression 🙂 Can you explain the lighting you used in this picture? It is very well done.

  • Very subtle and effective lighting. I love his expression!! Another amazing portrait! Keep the good work Trey. You are an inspiration for many of us.

  • hehe thanks… well this was an off-camera flash with a decent enough ISO to catch some ambient light. That’s all kind of nerdy stuff…

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