A UFO sighting, a Drobo Review, and update on the 15″ MacBook contest

In reverse order of the title, to keep things interesting, I wanted to remind you that there are only a few days left in the HDR MAX photo contest to win a 15″ Macbook Pro. The team there told me that they would give an extra discount code to contest participants of $35 off; they will respond via email after the contest ends. I’ll announce the winner here on the site too!

Second, I have started using a Drobo and I love it! I put together a little Drobo review here on the site.

And last, one of the hardcore fans here (name withheld) believes he has found what could be a UFO in one of my Angkor Wat shots. He sent me an email with a little clip (below) and said, “It would not surprise me, knowing the history of Angkor Wat.”

After I offered to responded to his email, he went on to offer more analysis: “I took a clip of the object into Photoshop, and it is an irregular shape, but with definite highlights, it is difficult to process with the Jpeg artifacts around it. I have ruled out a ball being thrown in the air, or something like that. The shape is a bit too lopsided to be a ball or a kite, definitely not a bird or airplane. I would like to see a non Jpeg clip if you wouldn’t mind sending a clipping. I have often heard of the connections to extra-terrestrial origins of some the carvings, and have studied the temple for years from photographs.”

I posted a few others taken around the same time in case there are any other clever sleuthy x-filey people lurking about! 🙂

-1 (by Stuck in Customs)

The Buddha King of Angkor Wat (by Stuck in Customs)

Three Monks in Afternoon Repose (by Stuck in Customs)

Meditation Chamber

The Golden Ruined Temple in the Black Jungle (by Stuck in Customs)

An out-of-control Sunset (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Well, I know what the “ufo” is, but would you like me to keep quiet to keep the fun alive? If you’d like me to give up the secret, I will, but will wait for you to give me the green light, Trey.

    Cheers from Indonesia.

  • stephen

    sorry, i can’t say i’m a fan of all the gold. i like pictures to be in color more often than not

  • hehe Javajive! 🙂 Stephen.. no worries… I like the color versions more most of the time too… I am still experimenting and depending on my mood, I sometimes like the golden sepia.

  • Gail in Montana

    Interesting, Trey. UFO’s fascinate me. It sure makes sense that there would be other worlds out there with life on them. My niece and I were both looking up in the night sky in the same direction, when we were visiting at her sister’s home in Gilbert, near Phoenix. No one else was looking that way, of course. We saw something up among the stars that made a huge zig zag and disappeared. It wasn’t in our atmosphere!! That’s my only encounter with an UFO. Don’t think I want anything closer, lol. By the way, I love these pic’s. Makes that area look mysterious and other worldly. So many interesting places on this planet, I don’t need to visit another ;-). Have fun in your travels, as you always seem to. God bless.

  • DEE

    Curious about the UFO. Pictures are austere except for the sunset with a bit of color.

  • Trey, cool! As we all take pics…ya never know what will appear?? Looks like something?? The truth is out there!!!

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  • casusan

    Wow! Cool Trey!

  • Awesome Possom

  • hehe thanks… I say that too Jolene 🙂

  • Rutledge


    Your mini-hint regarding the UFO was right on target; it IS a Jabberwork, my boy! (And beware the trobes that gwire and gimble in the wabe.)


  • Rutledge

    ooops – or maybe a Jabberwock? The beards are confusing.

  • Smitty

    What a CROCK! There are not any other life forms out there. Read the Bible! Look at nature and the things that God has created around you! Look at Trey’s photographs of nature and what and who he sees around him… Tell me that there is not a God! God of Wonders!

  • stephen

    yay color!

  • Nice Work,
    Even I didnt like the golden Stuff From Some post All Are Golden or The scene Makes you feel Like That,
    In ur Flickr Album Some Of The Images Where good

  • DanOh

    Great photo’s, having been to Ankor I know how hard it is to get those shots, so you’ve done an amazing job there.

    Talking of being there, I seem to remember that they do balloon rides (to watch sunset/sunrise) and without wanting to sound like those guys who always say any UFO was a ‘weather balloon’, could it be that? Even though I think we’re not alone!

    Cheers D

  • Bryan

    The “UFO” looks like a bat to me (of the rather large fruit-eating kind). Was this shot taken near dusk or dawn perchance?

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