The Parisian boulevard where I should not have been standing

While I was working on this, I was thinking how nice it would be to have someone near me who could speak French… I always love the sound of it, and the words can make matters seem ephemerally okay.

Paris is one of those places where the streets are always a little wet, at least in my head. If they are wet, then they are slippery and traffic will be crazy… so it sounded like a capital idea to go out into the middle of the Champs-Élysées to get a quick one!

The Parisian boulevard where I should not have been standing

  • such a nice shot. It’s crazy imaging all those light to be cars! Are those tree decorations for Christmas or they are there all year long? (I’m just guessing that you were there sometimes in Dec)

  • stephen

    i like the people in the middle watching you work

  • casusan

    Oh Trey……!

  • Oh Trey,
    That looks So Beautiful,
    And At the First Street Light at the left,
    That Effect looks Bad To me,But The Scene is Cool

  • ~a~

    Oh wow! love the purples!

    Trey, i subscribe to your feeds and have been receiving them in my email viewer (Windows live mail) for a long time. I dont receive your feeds anymore on WLM since the last one month. Was something changed? Do you have an alternative feed where i can continue receiving feeds in WLM?

    Love your photos. You are a great photographer.

  • DEE

    I love the colors. That is a some boulevard.

  • awesome as always.. was that just a single RAW file that you postprocessed? (assuming there couldn’t be multiple with the traffic blur…)


  • Thanks all –

    Greg – This was multiple exposures – I think 3?

    ~a – I am not sure! I use Feedburner for rss – can you try re-ubscribing ?

  • ~a~

    I did. Several times. I get all other feeds except yours. I use WLM as it syncs with hotmail, my other accounts and my feeds all in one place. I miss getting your updates 🙁 Now i have to check manually

  • ~a~

    Never mind. I switched to use Outlook 2007 and i see all your feeds. Looks like a bug in Windows Live Mail.

    Thanks you and keep up the great work!

  • A beautiful picture of a beautiful city.

  • Jeff

    Ah yes Champs-Élysées! I’m surprised you made it to the middle and didn’t get run over, they are very crazy on that Blvd. I remember the fun of seeing all the people and cars and thinking how crazy! I am amazed no one is hurt! I like the effect you give the blvd. nice to see Paris! I love Paris! U r correct it seems to be no matter what time of year it may be a rainy nite and the streets be wet for a short time. keep up the great work.

  • Paris is a beautiful place indeed, you do it justice by such wonderful shots… I’ve never seen any photographer that gives me the wow factor for every pics! Found your site through my best mates Arnaud who lives in Austin too. He’s following your lead and so will I from now on. Thanks for being such inspiration, and come down South of France, the light is 10x better and no risk to be ran over, people are chilled, unlike in Paris (nutters!!!). By the way, if you need an interpreter, give me a shout!
    Baptiste, French expat in London.

  • Thanks very much.

    Good to see you here Baptiste – thanks for the nice words.

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