Stopping for a snack on the way to Agra

The road between Delhi and Agra is really somthin’ else. If you are not swerving around giant potholes, it could easily be a dead cow, a live cow, or something in between. It’s never good to make fun of the cows with your driver, so that is right out.

I’m adventurous on these things… probably too adventurous. I always like to try new foods, and I’ll eat about anything from street vendors. Usually if it looks thoroughly cooked, it generally won’t get me sick…I’ve developed a tough stomach, although I did end up getting a bit sick in Mumbai… but I think that is because I was dumb and let some mysterious ice melt in my cup.

It was a long drive to Agra, and in little towns, the traffic would slow. I occasionally jumped out of the car to get some little snack (and take photos, of course!). Here is one of an interesting chap that had some food I could not pronounce.

Stopping for a snack on the way to Agra

  • DEE

    Great photo of personalities. Are those green beand in front?

  • DEE

    That should have said “green beans.”

  • casusan

    Your trips always are full of new and interesting people Trey!

  • Joe

    Great DOF that falls off gradually with understated tones!

  • Jeannie

    Trey,Thanks for traveling for me.

  • Shikha

    That’s green chilles – a standard condiment in India.

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