The Holidays in a Small Town

This was shot after Christmas as I spent some time alone in a Brenham, a little town between Austin and Houston. I arrived right at dusk and strolled about for a few hours, meandering around the streets as dusk set… just me and my tripod and music that seemed fitting at the time. I can’t ever decide if I like being alone at moments like those. Actually, I do quite like being alone, but it’s interrupted by fleeting thoughts that I’d like to share with someone, as much as I’d like to hear new unexpected thoughts and ideas.

Brenham is one of those old Texas towns where there is a quaint square that surrounds a courthouse-like object. I thought this might be fitting, since, according to the twitters and facebook updates, everyone really seems to be strangely in love with the government all the sudden. Those of you that know my Libertarian leanings can pretty much expect that I spend little time getting excited about the power of government..

And, speaking of the twitters (my Twitter is at, I have made a change to the comments so those of you that use the same email should see your avatar show up on the right. If you don’t have an avatar, you can upload your own for free at Gravatar.

The Holidays in a Small Town (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Trey,
    Your photo’s are just fabulous! This one is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  • Thanks Sherry!

    Testing out the Twitter / Gravatar icons on the right… if one or the other does not work, let me know and I can try to fix it with my mediocre PHP skills.

  • stephen

    you are my hero.

    ever consider intensedebate? gravatar works with them.

  • I really like how the lights came out and the leaves underneath the benches. Nice work Trey!

  • Loved the lights on the tree. I do have a gravatar and I use Intensedebate on my blog as well.
    You really are a fab photographer.
    PS – I made my first HDR photograph, do check it out –

  • Susan

    What a lovely Christmas scene – great Trey!

  • DEE

    Hoping I’m not spamfiltered again. I see a very beautiful tree, a lighted outlined building, leaves beneath benches and a living background.

  • DEE

    I see a very decorated tree (beautiful photography) a lighted outlined building, leaves beneath benches, and a alive background. Great picture.

  • DEE

    A lovely scene.

  • Ann

    Thanks. I have family in Brenham but have never been there. The”glimpse” is great.

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful picture, Trey, another place in Texas I would like to visit!!!

  • Ahhh, finally another person who appreciates freedom not dictated by government.
    Awesome shot Trey.

  • The lights on the tree are great! perfect time to get out for a photo – right at dusk it looks. Makes me feel bad for saying im glad christmas is done! hahhahaa

  • Dale Martin

    Another great Photo!!!

    Your blog is the first thing I look at in the morning. Always a great new image.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Very cute little town, I really like your work how fun

  • Very cool image…(actually just testing to see if my silly face shows up..hehehe)

  • thanks all – glad you like it.

    I think the Twittericon thing isn’t a-workin’ so well… hmm.

  • Love the tree decoration. It’s like the lights are growing and taking over the tree. Great work Trey

  • The different hues of blue are just fantastic !!! Awesome colors!

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