I was able to hack the D3X into a flux capacitor to time travel to 1958

This is my favorite bakery in the world – Clear River Pecan Company.  I’ve been there about four times… it’s about two hours away from Austin in historic Fredricksburg, Texas.

The brownies here are somewhere between a solid and a liquid… sort of a sweet plasma of brownie!

I do consider myself a connoisseur of chocolate with a specialty within the magistarium of brownies.  So believe me when I say they are a 10/10.  The only other 10/10 I can find in Austin is something called “Miles of Chocolate”, which also barely surfs within the existence of this mortal coil.

I was able to hack the D3X into a flux capacitor to time travel to 1958

  • This ceiling is absolutely gorgeous!

  • lanne

    i am pretty sure you could swap a print of this image for a whole bunch of brownies 🙂

  • BTW: the time on your server is off…

  • hehe thanks… Yes I see it is a bit off… wonder where I wind the clock thing

  • Taylor

    Miles of chocolate truly is one of the best things ever created.

  • Nostra

    Don’t know about your cooking skills, but you should try this recipe:


    I’m quite into chocolate as well and the name for it is well deserved. Everyone that tries it loves the taste of this.
    Great site btw (just discovered it a couple of weeks ago)

  • Barack

    Love the smiley face 🙂

  • Fantastic image! The tone mapping is excellent.
    I like the micro wave, weight scale and flat screen a lot, looks like they already had some very advanced stuff in 1958 😀

    If you would be ever in Belgium, let me know, we have the best chocolate of the world. I’ll give you a big tour.

  • Glad to you know that you are a chocolate lover as well. 1958 looks like an awesome time.

  • Gail in Montana

    🙂 On my way, Trey, lol. I am a chocoholic!!!! What a neat picture that captures the past and what a bakery would have looked like then. Imagine, even back then they had a smiley face!!!! Those brownies sound like they are made just the way I like them, on the gooey side. Great picture, thanks so much for sharing. But sure is making my mouth water 😉 .

  • Fenraven

    Great color in this picture, lots of detail, and I love the tin roof. There is a very old, two-story motel not far from where I live, on the Great River Road, and their dining room/bar has a tin roof much like this one.

  • Funny, I was messing around with a flux capacitor about a week and a half ago! See:

  • Joe

    Cupcakes are my new addiction! Sprinkles has a location in Houston… You should give them a try:


    My fiance is hooked on the red velvet!
    BTW: Great pic! It really brings me into that place.


  • Never been. Have you checked out Salado? Really neat little town. They have INSANE fudge at some place called Moo Pie…Cow Pie…Something. Can’t remember. I was brainwashed after their fudge.

  • Thanks all!

    Nostra – thanks for the recipe – I will give it to the DragonLady right away.

    Teri – thanks for the tip… I also like fudge, needless to say!

  • Fredricksburg is great, especially if you like German food – such as ‘German chocolate’!!!

  • Yummy,
    That place looks So Cool,
    I was reading Their menu In Ur Picture,
    got hungry Now,
    The effect if cool,
    gave It A look Like Horror Movie Scene,
    That Lady near The tv looks Luke a ghost And her reflection On That Tv,i think They were in Hurry,
    And How Can That Good Bakery has No Cutomers

  • David

    Fredricksburg is a great place to visit, but its not close for anyone. I have had the “Miles of Chocolate” made by a guy named Miles. Its good and if you think the brownies are better here, then I’ll have to try next time I’m there.

    Cool photo!

  • Jon

    I love this place! I’ve been hitting up this place to escape from the rain, cold, or heat on climbing days at Enchanted Rock

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