Reaping the Storm

See that tiny storm on the left? See those tipis there on the right? That’s where I slept all night through the storm!

So, a word of warning… you may not want to travel with me. I come up with good ideas like sleeping in a tipi in the middle of the stormy season in Montana like this. There are a lot more good ideas where that one came from. At least I can promise it will always be an adventure… and you won’t get much sleep!

By the way, this is not a traditional HDR photo… I used LucisArt 6.0… working on a new tutorial for it!

Reaping the Storm (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Doing a little farming on the side Trey? 😛

  • Zim

    The sky looks amazing! Great shot

  • Can’t wait for the tutorial. I’m currently using LucisArt 2, thinking about upgrading to LucisArt 3 or Lucis Pro. It’ll be very interesting to read what you think about them, as I guess you used them both.

  • Susan

    What a beautiful sky! Yes, I am sure life with you is a constant ‘adventure’! 🙂

  • Gail

    Wonderful shot, Trey, of the clouds. Sleeping in a Tipi always sounded like fun to me when we were traveling with the kids many years ago. Looks like the Eastern side of Montana, no mountains ;-). If I were younger, had the money, and was the opposite gender, I would love to travel with you :-)! But, alas, wasn’t meant to be, lol. Anyway, thanks for another great picture taken in our state!!!! Enjoy your trips in 2009. So looking forward to more great pictures.

  • DEE

    Have friends in Montana, relatives from Montana and have been in Montana. A great state. Can’t remember any storms. Thought only Iowa had those.

  • tiny pixels

    That wide angle lense snag an amazing, active sky. Love the bit of green there in the center. The red of the farm machinery stuff (too much of an Austinite) really pops against that sky.

    Tipis? LOL. Sounds like immense fun!

  • hehe thanks… I stayed pretty dry inside of there too… It certainly was humid though!

  • I am a huge fan of your work and I can’t wait for that tutorial……

    Hurry up !

    (just kidding)

  • Love the clouds and landscape. Am wondering if lightning was an issue that evening?

  • Jacques

    Nice clouds! I am looking forward to your review as well, as I have been using alternative software to make adjustments similar to the Lucis effects and am curious how well what I am using stands up to Lucis. While I would love to add Lucis Pro to my tool box, I am still a bit hesitant given the investment required.

  • Thanks!

    Suzanne, yes there was some lightning… I’ve never gotten a good photo of it though… that is on my list!

  • I’m interested in the use of LucisArt for the HDR, have you thought about a video tutorial or screencast? I’ve had good success with video photography tutorials on my site recently.

  • all i can say is BEAUTIFUL, I’ve never been anywhere but WA. state, Az. and Hawaii, live in Alaska. So love seein pics of places Thanks

  • Scott Kelby of NAPP just did a review of Lucis Pro 6 here:

    Bottom line, it’s a big improvement over the old version, but the high price and dongle protection make it a No Buy. (I too have a copy of Lucis Pro 6 and concur with his conclusions.)

    Those looking for a similar effect (plus others) for about 1/15 of the price should check out Topaz Adjust:

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