The pool that taunted me in Jogjakarta

Can you believe that I looked at that pool every day and I never got in? It was there day after day… alluring and perfect… looking warm and fun… I would walk around it, admire it, take photos of it, pass it on the way to the spa… I did just about everything to that pool but get in. I thought about it a lot, for whatever that’s worth (a lot, actually, I have an active imagination). But next time I get there, I’m goin’ in… I think about what those little tiles will feel like slippin’ around under my toes… It’s gonna be great!

The pool that taunted me in Jogjakarta (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Joe

    That’s crazy! It looks like a giant crossword puzzle…

    Smooth as glass with that great reflection of the lights above. Cool!


  • Jacques

    Been here in Jakarta over two years and STILL have not made it to Jogja. Planning a trip there this April with wife’s visiting relatives. What hotel was that? And, more importantly, WHY did you not immerse yourself in the pleasures of that cool water??

  • Hmmm, wouldn’t I just love to jump in there right now. I am sweltering here in Sunny South Africa in the humidity! But then it looks so perfect I wouldn’t want to spoil the picture.

  • DEE

    It isn’t just the tiles, they are great, but the background is also so beautiful.

  • DEE

    I love the picture, pool, background, everything. Just can’t figure out why my comments don’t show up anymore.

  • DEE

    If my comments don’t show up anymore, I’m removing stuckincustoms from my homepage.

  • Gail

    Wow, Trey, beautiful picture. What a masterpiece of a pool that is. I agree, it looks like a giant crossword ;-). The surrounding buildings really add to the picture, too!! Thanks for sharing, great job!!!

  • Hey thanks all!

    Dee – I noticed my Spam filter got a few of your comments… I don’t know why. It has caught over 7,000 in the last two weeks, and I rarely check it…

    So if you or anyone else have trouble seeing legit comments, drop me an email and I’ll take care of it! 🙂

  • Holy Cow! What brilliant play of light! Trey you’ve inspired me to investigate HDR. Must play with HDR now.. catch you later.

  • Jeannie

    Trey,I will be with you in spirit when you finally jump in that fabulous pool.

  • I never saw a pool like that at a Super8/Red Roof/etc…!! I’m staying at the wrong hotels! Looks like an awesome place to visit!

  • Bisma

    Wow its fantastic. I’m from Indonesia and I wonder what hotel was that? You always been inspiring. Thx 🙂

  • Thanks all!

    Bisma – I have forgotten the name of the hotel! If I remember, I’ll let ya know… right on the main street on the right as you are heading into town… little gates and a bomb-sniffer-guy out front…

  • Jacques

    The name of the hotel is the Grand Mercure Yogyakarta Hotel.

  • Ohh man thats looking amazing,
    love Your photography,
    The golden effect is giving it an historical look

  • awesome photography, just started lookin at your stuff, pretty amazing

  • Brett

    It is no longer the Grand Mercure, it is the Phoenix Hotel now… hoping to check it out this winter if the Mt. Merapi allows!

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