The Dark Temple Corridor in Morning Mist at 4 AM

I arrived at the temple of Borobudur a little after 4 AM. I had a tiny disposable flashlight, and, other than my driver idling about a mile away, I was the only person here. In fact, it was my second day in a row to do this, since I had so much fun the first. I was there with my friend Will, and he decided to sleep in the second day… but I had a few shots in mind I wanted to grab before the sun came up.

There were these strange argon lights around the temple to light up areas of excavation. They cast a gloomy and surreal light on the Buddhist reliefs that make concentric circles up to the top. I was able to get about 45 minutes of nice darkness with unexpected light until the sun started to appear over the nearby volcanoes and jungle mist.

The Dark Temple Corridor in Morning Mist at 4 AM (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Beautiful shot. I really like the background light from the sun, it creates this base for the rest of the picture. Great job

  • Trey, when do you sleep?

  • Ha! I don’t sleep much – only around 5 hours a night. Every now and then (once a month), I die for about 16 hours of absolute fatigue when my body catches up with the rest of me.

  • Yeah man. Seriously… when do you sleep?
    Awesome picture again. A very intersting subject.

  • It reminds me of the idea of the dawn of civilization. Very primitive and yet very beautiful.

  • Jeannie

    Thanks for the great shots.

  • Will

    Especially when it comes to photography he doesnt sleep. We got up at 3am to go to this place and then he did it again the next day!!!

  • Haha yes – and it was extra hard (to wake up) because Will and I had two massages (not by eachother) the night before before we died in our beds (different) in absolute fatigue.

  • another really nice shot,
    love the light on the engraved sculpture,
    That would be probably HDR Done By you but You always have some good shots,i tried HDR but was messed up

  • Trey, your really passionate about your photography! A lot of photographers get good results because they are there when the light is going to show up! And well, thats very often very early! So it paid out! Your photos just don’t happen – you go for it – and it shows off! Great work!

  • Aaron

    This is some absolutely beautiful work. I love the detail and color in the foreground and the fade into a more monochromatic, silhouetted background. Brilliant!

  • Wow Beautiful..The morning light make the different and you have to get up to take it at 4am. Good determination and patience..Well Done

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