Waiting for the Parade

After spending a while watching burned out hippies cavalcade on Congress in various states of undress during First Night a few evenings ago, I was reminded of this photo at Disneyworld.  So, I went back to process it and see if it was as idyllic as I remembered.   This is Main Street with the assembled crowds, as everyone awaits the big fireworks show and Disney parade.

Waiting for the Parade

  • Susan

    Beautiful Trey…thanks for letting me see!

  • Joe

    Thanks for visually bringing back a not-so-distant memory! In the middle of that street, about even with where that tree is, I proposed to my fiance during the middle of the fireworks show… I’ll have to show her this!


  • Jacques

    Feel like I was just there! Oh, wait. I was. Thanks for the memory.

  • Hey Trey, I had a question for ya. What software or method do you use to keep track and organized with all the images you have captured? Thanks.


  • Dr. Electro

    Hey! The comment box is easier to see! Thanks for making it easier for my poor eyes, Trey.

    The photo is a lovely scene as only Disney could imagine it and make it real. Your capture of the essence of it all is really terrific. I’ve only been to Disneyland in Anaheim but this reminds me of it anyway.

    Did you get any shots of the burned-out hippies? Those could be some amusing pix.

  • DEE

    The parade would have to be second best.

  • Thanks!

    Matthew – I mention a bit in the tutorial – but I use Lightroom to organize the raw shots… after processing, I put the final complete product in iPhoto.

  • What an amazing photo. How did you manage this without movement blur? It’s so incredibly painting-like.

  • susan

    Curious… was this made with photomatix, or with hdr max?

  • tim keller

    my ma went there for christmas great pic

  • Thanks! This was done with photomatix.

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