A walk in the garden

I arrived in Houston to meet with a friend a bit early. I planned on spending the morning in the museums, but they don’t open until noon on Sunday. So I decided to head to nearby Hermann Park to the famous rose garden there.

As an experiment, I put on my Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 lens to try some new things out… It’s not my usual stuff, but I’m happy with the results. If you are interested, I have a Nikon 14-24 Review here on the site.

A walk in the garden

The Rose 5

The Rose 2

The Rose 7

The Rose 6

  • boowab

    hmmmm i wish this is my garden!!!

  • Interesting to see something new. Roses are a great subject, I love taking pictures of them too. So this is not HDR , I guess?

  • That lens sure is powerful. Now I’m giving my honest comment.
    When you go close up so as to get a blur in the background, you try to keep the subject at the center of the picture or else there’s just too much blur and the picture doesn’t look as good as it probably could have.
    The Rose 7 looks the best because the subject is closer to the center and the amount of area blurred is less.
    The whole point of this kind of photography is to make the subject stand out from the background.
    The 1st picture and the fourth picture just have too much background.
    I’m a fan of your photography Trey and well this was just some well meaning advice.

  • Just one more thing. Try to make the subject and the background cover equal space. That gives the best close range photos.

  • @Birgit – No, don’t think this is HDR! In fact I’m sure this is not HDR.

  • I have to agree with dxtr… besides the angular distortion leads the eye to the center as well!

  • Gail

    Love the roses, Trey. You are so lucky to find those while waiting!!! You probably have those year round down there in Texas. Do you have any pictures of Big Bend or Palo Duro Canyon? We visited there in the 90’s, what beautiful places!! Thanks for sharing your roses with us!! 🙂

  • As ever Amazing Pictures,
    Those roses Are really looking beautiful,
    Will give One Pic to My girlfriend Lol

  • Liked the red roses the best but I did find the pictures odd. I’m figuring you probably need to work with that lens a lot more before you’re comfortable with it. Heh. It’s nice to see you struggling with something. Even masters have new things to learn!

  • Thanks – I appreciate all the feedback – thx dxtr — I understand what you are saying.

    I agree all the shots are a bit odd. I could have put on a regular lens and done a nice zoom/bokeh, but that did not seem interesting to me at the time… I think I was distracted and wondering what wide-angle flowers would look like!

  • Deb

    A rose is a rose….They are lovely! Thank you.

  • Justin

    I think the second from the top is as pleasing as a flower shot gets. It works for me because the wide angle, especially in that shot, gives us a sense of the rest of the garden. The 14-24’s bokeh looks distracting and a bit funny to me.

  • ftw

    Great to see the roses. As a gardner & nature lover, I can never resist a rose. I opened a Flickr acct a couple days ago and my first posts were roses. (see them at Flikcer/photo/fullsun.com. I like closups of flowers. You might want to zoom in for better effect…a different approach than landscapes and other BIG things.

  • Trey
    I moved from point and shoot around 3 months ago and then discovered your web sites. Since then I have purchased Photomatix and continue to read techniques. My inspiration for this photo techniques came 100% from your photos. Each day I look at your daily photo and have never felt the urge to comment as your photos are great and sufficient people state as much. Whilst I understand that we all need to experiment to push the envelope I hope you jump straight back on the HDR scenes you are so famous for as they are excellent. These flower pictures whilst good are not Trey Ratcliff.

  • Tiny Pixels

    I love trying new stuff, don’t you? Rose 7 is my fave because you caught that red rose in the foreground trying on its menacing and edgy pose.

  • Those are some really nice perspectives, the shallow depth of field works really well here 🙂

  • Michael

    Your Rss 2.0 feed is still titled (No Title)

  • DEE

    Oh my! Roses!

  • Thanks! Don’t worry all – I’ll get back to the usual Trey style…. ! 🙂

    Michael – I wonder where I fix that! ??

  • Trevor

    The roses are great I’ve been visiting your site for a few years now maybe like 3 or so, but I digress. It is always fun to see you experiment with new things. Keep up the good work!

  • Not the usual flower photography style – but I love them because of this! It’s so great to see some background – the background creates some really interesting bokeh that is almost painterly – looks very impressionist to me with the subject and style.

    Awesome stuff – experimenting is fun!

  • As odd as these look, they actually give a better sense of this garden than any I’ve ever seen. You feel like you are there, crouched down looking at a rose with they garden in your line of sight behind it.

    I’ve lived in Houston most of my life, and been a gardener most of it, too. So I’ve been to this garden a lot! These are better than any I’ve seen for capturing the garden’s feel–publicity shots, newspaper articles, and snaps friends and I have taken included!

  • Facebook User

    Great quality on the roses
    The background actually hurts my eyes – so much blur
    Think I must therefore agree with the comments to centre the in focus part and make it bigger?

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  • Love the rose pics!  They are beautiful!!!  Why can’t we get a close up of them??  Flicker says they are Private! And won’t let me even view them.  What a let down!

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