The Mysteries and Adventures of the New Year

I look forward to many more adventures with you this year and in coming years. We have a lot of things to do, don’t we? Mais oui!

Change and tumult and highs and lows will come and go with the winds, but I will always be here, ready to take you on fun new adventures with unexpected discoveries. This year has had a lot of unexpected things happen in all corners of life, and I don’t expect the next to be any different. In the end, I’ll do my best to keep pushing forward and exploring the world and the world of ideas with you.

If life gets kind of confusing or you get down, come visit to take your mind where it would rather be anyway. At best, it will be a deep experience, and at worst, it will be a pleasant distraction. I’ll take the worst if that’s the best I can get!

For the last photo of the year, I hope I have selected a great one to set the tone for the next year. I’ve been in artful concert with this one for what seems like ages. This happenstance scene is from a remote Hindu temple in the Indonesian jungle. It was a horribly stormy day and I could have easily found myself quite miserable… but I had seen this before, seen these patterns, and I knew I’d have the chance to see the sun again. Just for a few moments, the sun appeared there, and it was timeless. I didn’t think about the future, I just sat there, unconsciously moving around the temple and capturing the moment forever.

Okay, so… moving into left-brain mode now (getting practical logistical things done…), there have been a number of changes to the site!

1) I updated my HDR Tutorial ! It has become almost completely revamped… I have a few minor things to fix – let me know if you see any typos, because, as you know, I am horrible at catching my own… (anyone want to be my editor out there?)

2) A new Header Photo and CSS Background! Hit Refresh on your browser in case you don’t see it

3) A new “Reviews” section. You can see that over on the right.

4) A new “Popular Articles” section to catch some of the cool stuff that is now buried deep in the blog

5) Minor fixes: Comment font sizes, Comment entry box streamlining, Safari problem where the fonts were huge for single posts…

6) Enabled comments on “Pages” – things like the “About Me” and “Camera Equipment” pages did not allow comments before

The Mysteries and Adventures of the New Year

  • Awesome Update! I look forward to reading through the new tutorial! Thank you!

  • Hi Trey, I think that’s what life is all about – living in the moment! So thank you for sharing this moment with all of us and thank you for the new tutorial. I am eager to get more into HDR and thank you for making this possible to get inspired by your style and photography.

  • Happy new year to you to!

    I look forward to your great and amazing photos!

  • Kathy

    Thank you so much for the dedication you show to the art of photography and many many thanks for the new tutorial, you have a genius for photography and we are grateful that you share you gifts with us.

  • Kathy

    BTW Trey for students out there who want to buy Photomatrix they give a tremendous discount and only charge 39.60 if you have a valid student email address

  • Hi Trey,

    thanks for all these great pictures. The site looks great and I’ll sure be taking a look at the revamped HDR tutorial. I look forward to the ones you’ll be posting next year. Best wishes for you and your loved ones!

    BTW: love to be your editor… 😉

  • hi,
    Nice work beautiful and peaceful picture and thanks for the update on HDR Tutorial was looking for updates

  • Gail

    What a beautiful picture to end the year with!!!!! I have enjoyed everyone I have viewed. I just joined in 2008, so I have probably missed some wonderful past pictures. I look forward to the beauty you will capture of God’s creation and man’s creations in 2009!!
    A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! May the Lord grant you safe travels and good captures in the coming year. God Bless.

  • Happy New Year Trey and best to you and your family this New Year. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

    Michael S.

  • Trey,
    I been wondering, you stay at these places till darkness, it’s not like leaving a movie theater out here at night, I’m guessing its really dark and deserted, do you have a ride waiting for you or something?

  • Good thoughts! I think my resolution is going to be that I look at things more positively from now on. It’s good to look back, but there are more chances for good things to come. Thank you!! I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and safe New Year!!! Good luck all of you.

  • Oh yeah and I like the updates on the tutorial and the new humor on there lol

  • Have a very happy new year Trey, with your *eyes jealously* new Nikon D3X.
    Click on my name to go to my photoblog. Or well here’s another link –
    And here’s my Flickr page

    Would love some feedback and tips.
    Once again – Have a happy new year

  • DEE

    Happy New Year. And thanks for all the great pictures.

  • Thanks for all the HDR goodness in 2008, looking forward to more quality content in 2009!

  • Solid work! Cheers to 2009!

    You’re an inspiration for sure!

  • Hi Trey, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for a year of wonderful photos, I especially like the Wyoming mountain pics or mountain photos of any kind. Although I don’t know the first thing about photography, I always appreciate the beauty of your work. Thank you and have a great New Year!

  • Thank you all – I hope you have a good 2009 too! 🙂

    Thanks Suzanne – yes I think we are all mountain people or beach people… You sound like a mountain woman 🙂

  • Toby

    You are in need of an editor? It would be my pleasure to proof your posts. Feel free to contact me if interested.

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