The Zen Peace in Your Mind

This is the innermost temple in Angkor Wat. I was happy to be there on a brilliant morning when no one was around except for the occasional avout or two, making their rounds through the wat. The top of the temple is shaped like a Lotus flower and can be seen from everywhere around the temple complex. The robed ones tended to ignore me, as they usually do with the extramuros.

Inside, it was especially peaceful, especially while zoning out on my iPod. I was so zoned out, in fact, that I almost forgot to take a photo!

And for those of you waiting for the FIRST D3X shot… It should be in about 24 hours… posting around Midnight CST on The Night Before D3Xmas. Hey that is a clever title… get ready for it.

The Zen Peace in Your Mind

  • Charles F

    hard to believe they built that in a time when there were no home depots or concrete trucks let alone a road to drive them on. no computer to design them with…just raw imagination and might.

  • Charles F

    you really are lucky to be able to see and bring the world to others. thanks for sharing

  • Guess my question has nothing to do with the image. Whats on the playlist during a trek like this?

  • Thanks!

    The playlist is a dynamic thing… if I ever see you in real life, you can look at the Photography Zen playlist! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The architecture is fascinating, and of course your picture like always.
    p.s. counting the minutes to see the picture that you have promised ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Wow, I’m being pulled into an alternate reality as my focus on the center. Wow, thank you for sharing this

  • DEE

    That is about as fascinating as ever. Can’t imagine how and why somebody would want to build it.

  • Dr. Electro

    Dee, it’s the same impetus as the one that led Christians to build a thing like Notre Dame: Religious fervor. Ancient Buddhists were strong in their faith and didn’t have anything better to do with their time. The photo shows some of the results.

  • Yes that’s true Electro.. Also.. back in medieval and especially the Dark Ages, religion was the only thing organized enough to amass large amounts of capital, so they were about to create monumental projects to further snowball the meme.

  • ap

    You were only 8 years too late to see the Thousanders ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Awsome photography. Wish I had your talent.

  • JHG

    Very nice HDR, the subject is great by nature I’d say! I however see a bit of highlights in the top right corner. are you using 2 or 3 EV scope? I’m also doing lot of HDR, however with single RAW declined in 3 exposures. I must admit that your HDR always fascinated me, and made me even more interested about it! Great source of inspiration!

  • Thanks!

    This was a 5 exposure HDR with 1 EV betwixt.

  • elise

    So.I have to say that i like it more when I see your work without your ………….drawn out comments. you used to just say when, where and how. Your talent is boundless…………please let it speak for itself.and please don’t post this,your fans will be furious. thanks elise

  • Elise!

    Thanks for the feedback. I actually DO know what you mean… totally. I say the same thing when I speak at universities or in front of groups and I go through the portfolio to talk about it… It seems like 75% like to hear commentary and thoughts and 25% just like to see the pic and figure it out for themselves. I am actually ALSO in that 25%! But… since I can’t possibly do both, I do the one that the 25% can easily filter out, if they so choose, since the converse of “filtering in” commentary is impossible.

  • TD

    Excellent shot!!!
    Very talented @[email protected]

  • TD

    great Shot!!! awesome @[email protected]

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  • Chiranjita

    Its mind blowing..

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