The Dynasty’s Royal Retreat amidst the Lilypads

Ahhh… Chinese royalty. Of all the royalty in the world, I don’t think anyone lived quite as well as the Chinese. Maybe that’s open for debate? I suppose luxury is a state of mind, but they certainly had all the component parts.

Here in Hangzhou, the royals would summer, languishing about these gardens and lakes, staring out across these lily ponds.

In other news, I have a new article that is a short version of my HDR Tutorial up over at Abduzeedo, which is one of the world’s top design blogs. I keep that site in my RSS news reader and can usually find some good design inspiration there!

The Dynasty's Royal Retreat amidst the Lilypads (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Ahhh, Hangzhou! Travel back in time! 🙂 I liked Hangzhou very much, a lot of beautiful motives around for such a small city (Just 6 Mio. people living there, not big in chinese scale^^)

    I also think about how people lived back then…

  • Jonathan Khoo

    Hello Stuck in Customs guy,

    I think you need to put a ‘/’ on the end your link to Abduzeedo.

    Awesome pictures by the way =)

    — Jonathan

  • DEE

    I notice the orange flowers.

  • Susan

    Ahh….would like to wake up there everyday!

  • Beautiful photo! I visited Haungzhou some years ago and thought it was a great community, and seeing the lake with all of those lotus blossoms was amazing.

  • Beautiful photograph! I love the warm, weathered treatment – it really conveys a feeling of tranquility and makes it feel very much like a memory.

    I was in Hanghzou this summer. Despite the haze and smog, West Lake is stunning. Some of my photographs are here.

  • Keanu


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