The Surf in LA as Night Passes

There’s this moment in California when the sun hits the horizon that I am quite sure most of the natives take for granted. The gradation of sky from the burning sun to the deep blues can only be really appreciated if you swing your head around and purge your short-term memory. The effect is not dissimilar to the optical illusion of the giant full moon on some evenings, seemingly magnified by our inability to establish a frame of reference. I think something along those lines happens with color as the sun dips. You can see this from space, as the sudden band from light to dark rips around the earth — that same viewing cone can be seen from anywhere on the surface, and it can be best noticed in places like LA, with the nearly infinite horizon.

The Surf in LA as Night Passes (by Stuck in Customs)

  • amazing! thanks for sharing. was this taken with your new D3x?

  • Thanks!

    No – I’ll post my first D3X shot on Christmas… ! 🙂

  • Joe

    California has great sunsets… We have the smog to thank for that! It’s funny how something so awful can make something appear so beautiful.


  • Dr. Electro

    Another phenomenon you can only see from Southern California at sunset: the green flash. When atmospheric and oceanic conditions are just right, there is a short time right after the sun dips below the horizon that the light turns bright green. I’ve seen it once, from San Diego. Wish I could photograph it.

  • DEE

    Oh, to be there now. 14 below zero Fahrenheit here.

  • tim keller

    today it was somthing like that to brrrrr still had school
    i kike the beach alot on that pic

  • …California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day…
    (my high temp was in the teens today with wind chills below zero)

  • John Cox

    I too enjoyed a magnificent sunset from Manhattan Beach the other month. I had a 5 hour layover at LAX and thought “I’m not sitting in an airport for 5 hours”, jumped in a taxi and voila – LA sunset.

  • You really captured it nicely! Awesome 🙂

  • taylor

    i watch this every day.
    never take it for granted. love this town.
    it’s alot better with some clouds though. the pinks and oragnes are amazing.

  • What a fantastic shot! I’m in constant awe of your work. Is this a multiple exposure with lots of masking?

  • Thanks – yes – I followed the tutorial here on the site- and masked in the best RAW

  • This is my front yard and yes you are correct that I do not appreciate it enough. This is my first time viewing your work, and it is all just beautiful, when I got to this picture well… it will make me appreciate what is right in front of me.

  • Lynelle Thompson

    Where is this pier? I’ve been trying to find it!

  • brittany kay

    this is huntington beach, correct?

  • anthony

    definitely manhattan beach oier

  • anthony


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