Alone in Winter, Against the World….

This is one desolate place. I was on the coast of Iceland where the sea and the wind were absolutely ripping their way past the lighthouse. I always imagine what it is like to be inside of one of those lighthouses, all night long through the winter. I can’t even envision what that would be like, and after only a short time there in the icy wind, I got the willies and was happy to get out of there.

Blues are consistently a favorite color for just about everyone. I had a wonderful conversation with the great painter Clyde Aspevig, who I had the pleasure of spending a few days with in Montana. I am so humbled and intimidated by painters! I feel like they are true artists, and I’m just a hack with tricky digital tools.

Clyde and I started talking about the color blue and people’s reactions to them. His eyes got big when I made the flippant comment, “I can’t believe how much people like blues! No matter what kind of blue I have in a photo, people always seem to say that is their favorite color of blue!” He agreed enthusiastically and sees the exact same reaction when people view his paintings.

If you look at some of Clyde’s beautiful paintings, you can see a number of things that just make sense without trying to make sense of them. He uses unconventional techniques of music, anthropology, and motion and brings them all into the canvas. His landscapes are reminiscent of the savannas of Africa, which strike us all at a deep ancestral level. His contrasted objects follow the delicate timbre of music. His skies are textured with a surreal blue motion.

Shots of lighthouses and towers demand a wide-angle lens. To me, the HDR process is secondary to lens selection in cases like these. The lighthouse already had a camber to it and this strangely-shaped doorway. The wide-angle lens accentuated this even more.

Here is one of Clyde’s paintings. You can find out more about him and his paintings at

Alone in Winter, Against the World...  (and I am selling my camera on eBay) (by Stuck in Customs)

The second photo below is of me, in another part of Iceland, quite near where the North Atlantic tectonic plate pulls away from the European one. I’m proudly holding this good friend that will soon leave my world – the Nikon D2X!

Stuck In Iceland (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Shaku

    Alone in winter, against the world…very Howard Roark 🙂 Stark, pristine and crisp…beautiful!

  • It IS very Howard Roark… I certainly feel that guy inside of me.

  • wow, like saying goodbye to a great friend. I can only hope that the person that gets that camera appreciates the life it was fortunate enough to live 🙂

  • Dr. Electro

    It would be nice if I could buy the camera and drive to Austin to pick it up. Alas, it is not to be. Financial woes abound. Pity, too.

  • Summer Miles

    Oh, thanks a lot Trey! I fantasized for an hour tonight about buying your D2X.. sigh.

  • haha thanks for the comments…

    Hey in the Flickr Stream, I actually heard from a guy that used to work in a lighthouse – I wanted to repost here for you guys:

    wade in da water says:

    Beautiful Trey, and in answer to your thoughts on what a place such as this is really like; as a former lighthouse keeper, these are very lonely isolated, and of course dangerous locations. Many have witnessed multiple deaths and tragedy, and every now and then, you may even feel the presence of a few lost souls hanging around.

  • its glad to hear that u bought a D3X,and my bad luck i just saw Your post now after a hour that i bought A D2X from Ebay and missed a chance to meet You

  • remember the penang national park that i mentioned earlier..?? There are also beutiful lighthouse there, have a look at

    yup bro, sometimes penang are refer as food paradise…;-) did you heard about penang nasi kandar during your KL trip..?? come to taste it original here at Penang..;-) welcome to penang 2009…;-)


    i appreciate beauty though not an artist and for me the second photo is the most commanding. both are beautiful however.

  • The nitpicker in me says that virtually every lighthouse in the North Atlantic is remote monitored, and need no staff. Which is rather regrettable, I always wanted to be a lighthouse warden.

    But both photos are really awesome stuff!

  • Gail

    If wishes were fishes, Trey, I would bid on your camera. But like most others in the states right how and elsewhere, the bucks just aren’t there. But I will continue to enjoy your pictures every day. I love lighthouses. We have visited many on our trips around the U.S. Even a couple of “haunted” ones. But I didn’t experience any presences. But there was a ghost in the house where I grew up that my brother actually saw, but I never did. Guess I’m not one of the gifted 🙁 . Or maybe that’s for the best, lol. Thanks for sharing two more great pictures!!!!

  • DEE

    My daughter would love that picture. She loves lighthouses.

  • yes indeed, hope the new camera is as good to you as your old friend was, I can sense what your about. I always look forward to your photo’s this one is no exception. Super Work!
    here is a link to look over about cloud phenomenon called NACREOUS CLOUDS–there is a very good photo of them on this link.

    All the best in the holidays and New Year,
    Evan Spellman

  • June Payson

    Beautiful pictures, I tune in everyday.

    Want to thank Evan Spellman for the interesting website on

  • Dr. Electro

    Just had to share this:
    Check out the amusing caption. The photo pales in comparison to yours of course.

  • Alfredo

    Alone in Winter, Against the World…

    Crisp, clear, beautiful!

  • Good comments yall… very glad you like it! Thanks for the links too

  • Just one question about your D2xs Trey, did you brush off the leftover radiation from Chernobyl? lol

  • Haha… that is a remnant that will never leave… I am sure some of those electrons ripped off their outer shells and disturbed the molecules in the D2xs!

  • Trey, I got into HDR and actually photography in general because of your work. I’ll spend the rest of the evening thinking about how cool it would be to have your camera. How much are you asking? =)

  • I’m accepting silent bids for a while until I go onto eBay — I have fairly reasonable expectations for a used D2Xs…

  • Love your work terry!

    I am a Canadian living in Iceland, and have been to allot of the places that you have taken great HDR photos. First off I am still a amateur, but the pictures I have take from the same locations as you did never seem to turn out as good 🙁

    So a request, could you do a article on what you look for in a scene that you know makes a good HDR photo?

    ps. Have one of your pictures as the screen saver on my i-pod 🙂

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