The Holy Ones

These are the venerated ones! Their grisly visages encased in dark oil paints to keep this part of the inner cloister feeling rather dismal.

I looked and did not see a lot of women up there at all. I also didn’t see any heiro-clergy holding a fluffy white cat like a Bond villain. That would have made my day… but, alas… nothing quite so interesting as all of them solemnly looking across the way at one another, and down at whoever has scuttled in on their knees.

The Holy Ones (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Susan

    Like the feel of this Trey…the narrative makes it kind of scary! Super!

  • i took a few pictures of a tiny church a couple of weeks ago. when people expressed surprise as to how i would even step in one, i replied that i was also perfectly capable of visiting the parthenon without believing in the 12 gods of mount olympus.

  • haha good point.

  • Tony G

    Love the pics. Would like to know the location .. In Dresden last year this time.

  • hi bro,

    i’m insired by your photography techniques. U like Malaysia rights, why dont u come to penang next time u visit malaysia, we have new national park here, just google it i u will know what i’m saying..;-)

  • DEE

    Whoever sits in those chairs have a lot to see while sitting there.

  • Tim keller

    this is were i ment to put my last post
    “not very religious my self wonderful pic though “

  • Thanks!

    Tony – this is in the large church…err… forgot the name and I need to look it up!

    Fir – I’d love to come to Panang – I heard the food is great!

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  • Daniel

    The location is Leipzig. That’s why you won’t find it in Dresden. 😉 It’s inside the Thomas Church. There are several fotos from this Church on this side that are falsely tagged as “Dresden”.

  • Sebas

    St. Thomas Church in Leipzig 🙂 well mixed the locations a bit.

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