Collecting the Subways of Paris

Is there anything more wonderful than dropping underground in Paris to jump on the subway to appear magically in another part of the great city? Or even better… going up and down throughout…all around Christmas when the wet cool streets are lit with a soft blue glow…

I had a good friend suggest that I should make a photo collection of the most beautiful and interesting subway entrances around Paris. A great idea, as I have come to expect! I have one here to get things started…from George V, right by the Arc de Triumph on the Champs-Elysee… and I’ll make a point to go back to the city someday for a rendezvous with all the adventures that await there…

Collecting the Subways in Paris (by Stuck in Customs)

  • it’s always fun to find, among your pictures, a spot that i’ve been to as well.

    nice to see it, all decked out, in this lovely image.

  • that’s an awesome shot,and i think i must visit that place when i again go paris next week

  • Jeff

    Ah it has been to long since I saw Paris last. Nice to see it all a glow and what better street that this one… Went to a great Club the last time I was there, it was here on this street, and what a blast it was my last night in Paris to go out dancing in the City of Light!

  • Kathy

    I have been a lurker for a few months but seeing this just brightened my day. I know exactly where this is and feel like my feet are right in front of the metro station. You are indeed a talented genius.

  • DEE

    Unbelievable. Especially the street.

  • wow, I have several Metro shots I took on my last 2 trips ot Paris on my Paris photo blog. THis one I did not photograph. It’s lovely and the HDR really revs it up. I will look around your blog . More subway photos to come?

  • i’ve heard that Paris is real pretty at Christmas time… they do call it the city of lights afterall !

  • Eliseu Junior

    Nice Shot, man!

  • Kevin

    Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Beautiful image! I like the blur of the people…a very surreal impression on the scene.

  • Warren

    great shot

  • Kathy – thanks for coming out of lurking in the shadows! 🙂

    Virginia – I might have just one more… I’ll get more in later trips! 🙂

  • Tim keller

    Wonderful not very religious my self but these are always good photos

  • Tim keller

    oops wrong pic still nice photo of the subway

  • Deb

    Paris at Christmas time is as lovely as Paris in springtime!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Dr. Electro

    Lucky you that you are so well traveled. Paris is beautiful any time.

  • Denny

    when will you be published? I love your work and would love a beautiful “coffe table book”.Keep up the great work… you show us all how beautiful our earth really is and why we should strive to preserve what we have. Thanks

  • Thanks! I am looking at a few book possibilities now… I’ll keep you informed! 🙂

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