2 million views! Thank you all for the fun, the comments, and the inspiration!

A big thank you to all of you! Ever since I decided to bring art to the web, it has opened up a new world to me.

First, I thank you for the art YOU have uploaded to this techno-Salon of Flickr and the Internet. You all continue to inspire me and I am always humbled whenever I take a trip over to the top photos for the day. This could either depress or inspire me — but I actively choose the latter!

Second, I thank you for your excellent comments, including the critical feedback that helps me see things from various perspectives. I don’t always have time to respond, but I do read the comments. I know less than 1% of people actually take the time to do it; so thank you all that take the time. Even if you don’t comment… that’s okay! I hope you keep seeing enough to return for more.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and meet many great photographers around the world, who have helped and forced me to get better. There are so many more of you I look forward to meeting someday… It’s a long life, and I plan on getting there!

Third, I thank you those of you here that come to the daily blog at www.StuckInCustoms.com to enjoy the larger size photographs. The Flickr ones are much too small by default; don’t you agree? This has helped the blog continue to grow to well over a quarter million unique visits per month. I will try to keep up my promise of "One Beautiful Photo Per Day"! (please note I accidentally break this promise about 10-20 times a year).

Also, let me issue some apologies. See those unread emails at 20,107? I’m sorry but I just don’t have time to get to all of them — I hope you understand this. I feel VERY RUDE when I don’t answer such nice emails…but I just literally don’t know what to do about it! Additionally, Flickr has maxed out my contacts so I can not add any of you to mine — this is very unfortunate and I wish they would make some exceptions on occasion! (contact me Flickr VPs… we have other things to talk about too).

Many of the emails ask about my Photo Processing technique, which I continue to evolve and update at this tutorial location: stuckincustoms.com/2006/06/06/548/ — I hope you find it helpful.

Again, a sincere thanks!

I’ve lined up some stunners that I have been saving for the final two weeks of the year… stay tuned! πŸ™‚

2 million views!  Thank you all for the fun, the comments, and the inspiration! (by Stuck in Customs)

  • DEE

    There’s beauty in those puzzles.

  • Congratulations and Happy Holidays & Can’t wait for the New Year!

  • Angela

    Congratulations;-))open your web site almost everyday since i fund it from flickr.

  • i’ve been following your work for a long time now — your tutorial was the final push to get me to systematically take pictures. i’m learning something new daily and enjoying it tremendously. thanks and keep’em coming!

  • Thanks!

    Great Toomanytribbles — always glad to hear people exploring new hobbies because of this fun stuff… that’s what I say when I speak to groups — anyone can do it.

  • Birgit

    Trey – congrats to your visits, you deserve it! Thanks for displaying your work and sharing about your processing work. I do apreciate it very much and come by each day to be inspired. I am excited to see where my own work will lead me to.

  • Zim

    Congratulations, Trey! That’s a lot of traffic! πŸ˜€
    (but I’m surprised too by the ugly amount of unread messages in flickr’s inbox! :P)

  • Congratulations! I love watching your art. Initially I found your images way over the top but it look at it as art, not as a simple snapshot. But I have to admit, I really enjoy them, they even inspire me a lot. Many thanks!

  • Thanks! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you guys too through your comments as I paint a mental image of each of you… more strokes get filled in with each comment.

  • Gail

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos on your blog, Trey. So glad you are getting lots of traffic. Congratulations!! I look forward to seeing the new picture everyday, and if you have to take a day off now and then, that’s understandable. Merry Christmas!!! and a very Happy New Year!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Congrats! It’s very well deserved. It certainly puts to shame my own paltry view count by comparison. Anyway, I love your stream and I always look forward to seeing what you post next, so keep up the good work!

    On the contacts thing – I thought that Flickr only lifted the limit for reciprocal contacts? ie, if someone adds you as a contact you should be able to add them them back. Am I wrong about that?

  • Thanks!

    Actually – that may be true, but I am not sure. I know that I have found a few people to add lately, and it simply tells me I cannot add more contacts. It does not tell me if I am already a reverse contact… so it all gets a little confusing at some point!

  • Zana

    Dear Trey, Congrats!!! You deserve all the recognition ~ You are an amazing photographer and I appreciate that you share your fantastic work and travels with all of us. Looking forward to meet you sometime soon on your travels to LA πŸ™‚ for the great Himalayan food – don’t forget! Blessings, Zana

  • No Need to Respond! I absolutely love your website/blog and your amazing photography. I have passed the word to dozens of people. I’ve been to Angkor and Prambanan and Borobudur, so I regonize many of your photos, despite you lack of descriptive names and locations. It’s OK, I know.

  • Brinksmat

    Trey.youve had 20,000 mail ive had 1.

    Thanks for sharing you inspire me

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