The tree in front of our home as autumn falls to winter

We have these amazing trees in front of our house, and they explode in color right around this time of year. I took Ethan out front to pose under the tree while I set up across the street to try to capture the mood.

I live in the Hill Country of Texas, just 20 mins (no traffic!) to downtown Austin. I don’t think this photo has captured how hilly it is (or how much pain I feel when I jog up this hill in front of the house!) But, at least you can see the sprinkles of red as the first of the trees turn for winter.

The tree in front of our home as autumn falls to winter (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Gorgeous. I found myself staring at it so long it became like a fabulous Rohrshach ink blot test… Great shot. Reminds me why I loved Texas.

  • Amazing! The colors are fantastic!

  • Angela

    waoooooo !Great !

  • Susan

    Lovely colors and sky Trey – Ethan looks soooo small! I forget sometimes he still is!

  • Thanks! Nice blog there Fiona… cool flickr ball thing you found.

    It’s pretty until the leaves fall, and then things can be barren and lonely for the winter.

  • Gail

    Great colors, Trey. Beautiful shot of your home and the hill does look like it would be a little steep, nice way to get your excercise and what a view!!!! Looks like you found your little bit of heaven there. We have been to Palo Duro Canyon, talk about a surprise in Texas, what a beatiful canyon, and Big Bend is a grand place to visit!!!! Your state is beautiful, but I still prefer our mountains ;-)!!

  • Gail

    So sorry, how about beautiful canyon

  • wow – very pretty – i bet it’s a nice view

  • Todd

    Beautiful! I didn’t know Texas looked like that. I have been to Dallas and it’s all steel and glass. Wherever you are is lovely.
    I dig your pics…Thanks!

  • Man, I miss the Hill Country. Up here, everything is covered in ice!

  • Joe

    Cold today in Abilene. Love the red oaks in the fall. I have a brother living in Kerrville and love to drive down into the Hill country in the fall and the spring. Merry Christmas!

  • DEE

    I like the car. It’s 4 below zero here and wind chill of minus 25. I suppose you are lucky where you are.

  • Marie

    Reminds me of New England!

  • …there’s no place like home. (repeat 3X) Nice.

  • tim keller

    gorgeous just gorgeous i used to have a tree that did that and then i moved 🙁 still nice lookin kid and gorgeous sky

  • hey thanks all… Yes many people are surprised when they get out to the hill country of Texas! 🙂

  • Boowab

    I wish I was there!!! awww >.<

  • Dr. Electro

    Can I come to your house for Christmas dinner? Albuquerque looks like a Christmas card right now and I too miss Texas. My favorite hidden hollow of the hill country is Medina. Fascinating place with fascinating scenery.

  • Tim keller

    i have never left the east coast so have fun exploring

    dr electro have you heard the song albuquerque by wierd al yakovic(i think that is his last name)


    i’m in dallas and of course i love it but this photo made me want to see austin in person. this i can do no flying!

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