Freezing some time in Chicago at Christmas

It was a great (but freezing!) weekend in Chicago for the holidays. It was adventurous and relaxing. The first shot here is from the amazing tree in front of Bloomingdale’s off Michigan Avenue.

I also spent a lot of time in the Art Institute of Chicago, coming away from my favorite room with the great Impressionists — the room is filled with over $100 million in Renoirs, Monets, and Cézannes. After coming out of that forum, I always get a bit melancholy… a strange combination of inspiration while feeling like I have no talent at all.

The final shot is one of a wonderful little adventure journal that I thought you might enjoy. The other captures are little bits from here and there around my room… freezing some time, perhaps.

Freezing some time in Chicago at Christmas (by Stuck in Customs)





A soft curve


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