Freezing some time in Chicago at Christmas

It was a great (but freezing!) weekend in Chicago for the holidays. It was adventurous and relaxing. The first shot here is from the amazing tree in front of Bloomingdale’s off Michigan Avenue.

I also spent a lot of time in the Art Institute of Chicago, coming away from my favorite room with the great Impressionists — the room is filled with over $100 million in Renoirs, Monets, and Cézannes. After coming out of that forum, I always get a bit melancholy… a strange combination of inspiration while feeling like I have no talent at all.

The final shot is one of a wonderful little adventure journal that I thought you might enjoy. The other captures are little bits from here and there around my room… freezing some time, perhaps.

Freezing some time in Chicago at Christmas (by Stuck in Customs)





A soft curve


  • Susan

    Oh wow! The bloomie’s tree is fabulous – wonderful shots Trey!

  • Gorgeous. But when I click on the second image (I want to make a wallpaper out of it) it says that it’s a private page and I can’t access it.

  • Justin

    Cool shots – love seeing some HDR from others in my hometown – hope we treated you well enough while you were here!

  • Absoutely incredible Christmas Tree shot Trey!
    Thank you!

  • Gail

    What a beautiful picture of Bloomingdale’s tree. Great job getting all that majestic view in!!! Neat pic’s of your “stuff” in your room, too. Thanks for sharing your freezing weekend 😉

  • pretty cool unique post Trey….like it 🙂
    Tree looks awesome too!

  • Thanks you guys 🙂

    Roto — I only upload one photo per day to Flickr — If I ever do multiple photos like this one, I set the others private, so they don’t fill up my stream on there. It’s a strange thing… I know! Sorry about that! 🙂

  • DEE

    That tree is something. Must have taken a long time to decorate. Must have taken a long time to grow,too.

  • Wow, this post really shows a different side of your photography skill set. We usually get the sweeping vistas of far-away places, and today you treated us to all those beautiful close-up details. Great work, thanks for sharing it.

  • Even the most uninteresting objects (a wallet, an ipod) look stunning through your eye.

    And yes, how not to feel like an amateur before a Monet?

  • Thank y’all… very nice of you. Always good to have you around. I’m happy to share these little things — thanks Scott. And yes Hector, it’s all humbling…

  • Trey…I love the little pics…great choice for a color (i-Pod) and I love your little pocket book and the walls!

  • Awesome tree shot! It’s so huge and the color is nicely gold. Well done.

  • James

    Hey Trey, beautiful shot!

    I was wondering how the tree managed to fit in one shot or if the tree shot was taken in two photos? it looks like the shot perspective was from the 2nd floor?


  • todd

    I love your journal.

    Where did you get it?


  • Thank you guys…

    Todd, the little travel journal is a custom-made leather journal. It’s a unique item so I can’t really point you to a place to get one, sadly…

    James – Yes I was up on the 2nd floor, outside of the men’s store when I shot it…

  • majestic!

  • Tis the season…freezin!!

    Awesome picture of the tree, thanks!

  • Sweet pics! Love the custom made journal!

  • Trey,

    The burning question of course is…….what’s on your iPod? I’m only able to make out part of the song pictured above and am curious as to what else you listen to. The Christmas tree photo is wonderful – it inspires warm Christmas memories in a bleak, cold year. As always, your photos are exceptional!

  • haha thanks! It’s from the Jaymay album! 🙂

  • No talent at all? You must be kidding.
    I just found your website thanks to a link on Flickr, and the only thing I can think when I see your pictures, is “wow”. They’re so beautiful they seem unreal, and if just now, I could have one wish for Christmas, I wouldn’t think of anything else but taking pictures as yours. I’m only starting photography, but watching your website makes me want to try until I reach your level.
    So, merry christmas !

  • Great track there on your iPod! The album is Autumn Fallin’ by Jaymay. Really good choice tunes.

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