Singing in a Small Seaside Tavern near Singapore

I spent a weekend in the seaside town of Malacca, which used to rival Singapore in the beginning of the 1900’s as the busiest port in SE Asia. Over time, the Dutch built up Singapore and allowed Malacca to stay small and quaint. It’s still the same way, with the old architecture lining the streets. The old warehouses and shops of the early century are now converted in to taverns, shops, and temples.

As I was moving around from place to place taking photos, I heard some acoustic guitar coming from a small empty tavern. I went in and met Aki here, who was warming up for a concert later than night in the same place. I asked her if she could take a photo while she practiced, and she said of course and then invited me to see her sing later that night.

Singing in s Small Seaside Tavern near Singapore

  • And pictures of the concert? I’m too curious to see your talent applied to concert photography 🙂

  • Michael

    Yes, concert shots will be interesting.
    What was the name of the Tavern? Would be nice to catch it next time I am in Malacca.

  • DEE

    I can only imagine what she was singing.

  • Thanks – I forgot the name of the tavern… and I did not get any concert shots, although they would have been pretty similar since she was one of those one-gal shows… sort of a bitter Asian Alanis Morisette.

  • Sherlee

    Just a small historical correction: Malacca and Singapore were NEVER colonised by the Dutch. The Prortugese came first to Malacca, and the Brits later. The Brits was the only colonisers of Singapore.


  • Tim keller

    nice pic concert pics would have been nice to she looks like some one i know!?:0

  • Thanks — yes – you are right Sherlee — very good!

    Maybe concert pics later… you never know what will come up!

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