The Entrance to the Conifer Forest

It’s always a challenge to shoot in a forest! They are so interesting while you are there, but the frustrating thing is trying to capture the moment to show others. I don’t know why forests are harder to shoot than other things, although I have a few theories. Perhaps it has something to do with how we "feel" in a forest compared to what we are actually seeing. When we lay down these memories in our brains, the imagery is tied into the feeling, and the "feeling" part of it is very difficult to capture with simply the imagery in a photo. Anyway, this all gets a bit cerebral into some crazy thoughts about photography, but you get where I am going!

The Entrance to the Conifer Forest



  • stephen

    maybe it has something to do with how it’s hard to capture the presence of tall trees and the depth of a big forest.. perhaps an ultra wide angle lens might help

  • stephen

    except you’re already at 15mm. never mind.. i should really think before i say things

  • haha no prob stephen — yes the wide angle helps a little it, at least!

  • Gail

    You are right, Trey, it’s almost impossible to capture the vastness of the forests. This is a very good photo though, as you have a lot of the forest in the pic. I can even see that there was a fire at some point in the background. When you live in the West, you are accustomed to seeing those “sticks”, unfortunately. But that is natures way of cleaning up our forests. You even got a few wild flowers in there, great job!!!!

  • DEE

    Nature and humans combined.

  • Perhaps it would help if we had a pine bough to sniff while looking at the picture 😉 One may be easily obtainable this time of year…

  • Awesome colors – beautiful

  • Amazing picture – awesome colors

  • Jennifer

    Living in B.C. I always find it difficult to photograph the forest, as well. For me, I find it especially difficult to determine what to include and what to disclude, since forests tend to have an abundance of intermingling life. Though at the same time I don’t want to make my photo look busy, so I try to hone in on certain elements of the forest that can best communicate the “feelings,” in which you refer. Admittedly, also challenging is the lighting which is generally on the dark side:(

    That being said, you did a fantastic job of capturing the moment!

    Keep up the good work!

  • ftw

    I’d say you’re not quite ‘in’ the forest here. Looks like ‘near’ the forest to me. The little blue flowers look like Forget-me-nots and the broad leaf item looks like Rhubard or Burdock. Sure could use some of that sunlight today. Looks like a lovely early summer day. I like it.

  • edgar

    maybe it has to do with all the shadows ín forrests?
    your eyes compensate all dark and lights area’s, but a photo captures everything just in dark and light..

  • River

    To “ftw”, of course he’s not in the forest, the title is “Entrance to the Conifer Forest” after all. Everyone was just saying how difficult it was to capture photos in the forest wich is true. It seems that pictures of the forest are better than pictures in the forest if you quite know what i mean =)

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