Sometimes it’s fun to be impractical

Isn’t it? Of course it is… I’m really not too much of a materialistic guy. I think my three biggest expenses are travel, good food, and camera equipment.

Speaking of that last one there, the Nikon D3x was finally made official, and I’m gonna be the first (or so they tell me) person to get one in Austin! Sadly, I think I will have more fun with that camera than with this car.

Sometimes it's fun to be impractical

  • i hear you!!! camera gear is way more fun than the car. i got a 5dmkII today (one of the 1st in DFW) and it is way more fun that a car!

  • I agree….more fun than a car, but the price is about the same…wish I had 8k sitting around, and I would be the first in Jakarta with a D3x…BUT, this time, I am going to wait for the D800 (or whatever they call their follow-up camera)that always seems to come right after I plunk down thousands for the top model.

  • DEE

    And soon the car will disappear.

  • I’d take the car, sell it and buy cameras for myself, my wife and maybe for Trey.

  • You’d spend 8K annually on gas for that thing anyway.

  • haha funny… Yes I need to come back to Indonesia Scotty so we can go out and do some shooting together!

  • troy

    what car is that exactly? it looks like a ferrari or a lotus… the reflection of the blue is cool on the front right of the car. aweseme picture.

  • Paul Cowell

    Where did you take this shot trey ?

  • well, unless you have access to a race track… fast cars are not all that fun b/c you cannot even go all that fast legally in them.

  • Gail

    Nice picture, trey, but I agree with you. Spend you money on your passions. Cars will get you where you want to go, no matter what they look like or how expensive. A good camera, on the other hand, will give you good service for a long time and can always be upgraded. Wise choice! 😉

  • Gail

    oops, your money, sorry

  • I have an extreme passion for cars, so I would definitely have to take that carand then charge people to ride in it and use the money I make from giving rides to buy a new D3!

    Regardless, another awesome picture Trey!

  • Personally, I think the reflections look cooler than the car. But I’ve never been one for Lambo’s, myself…

  • haha funny – thanks for the comments. Paul, this was taken outside of a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

  • lambo

    yes you can go as fast as you want on german motorways – you’re just living in the wrong country

  • …if you have the means, I highly recommend it…it is SO choice! (Ferris Beuhler)

  • tk

    nice pic and a nice car enjoy the new camera

  • I like your photo!

  • Thanks… haha… And yes I know that quote well lambo!

  • lambo

    anyway to get back to the photographs – which ultra wide-angle would you get now? lets say a cheaper alternative to the 12-24 Nikkor which absolutely kicks ass. I was lucky enough the be able to test run it for a day, wonderful lens but just a bit too expensive 🙁

  • Thanks — well I don’t know. I am about to get the D3X and a new Wide Angle!! I will let ya know…

  • lambo

    ye thanks. I got a D700 this August and I’m really happy with it. I love the low ratio of noise, being able to shoot hand held with ISO 3200 is invaluable as I do a lot of travel photography, and can’t always carry around a tripod (only cabin baggage for instance). – hehe cool thanks really appreciated 🙂

  • Lambo, you probably already know this, but don’t get the 12-24 for your D700 as it is a DX lens, and you will lose half the resolution when used with an FX camera.

    Trey, would be great to have ya back in Indonesia, and would love to go shooting with you. Just let me know when you are back in this part of the world…

  • lambo

    hah ye your right I meant the 14-24 f2.8, which is FX and definetly unaffordable atm.

  • so gorgeous

  • really fantastic

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